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Netteswell Neighbourhood Police Team Update on PCSO numbers in Essex

PCSO Megan Hardy

Some of you may have seen in the last Netteswell Neighbour, or in the press, that Essex Police was to cut the number of PCSOs currently from 250 to just 60. Due to the announcement from George Osbourne regarding Police funding Essex Police has announced that they

PC Timothy Knights

are now retaining 90 of the original 250 PCSOs. The cuts have now been made and those that have been retained in post have been made aware. I have been informed I am staying in post in Harlow along with 5 other PCSOs. This is still a substantial drop in resources and as such the role of the Neighbourhood Policing team will change.

Anti-social behavior

The term anti-social behavior covers a wide range of selfish and unacceptable activity that can blight community life. It is any form of intimidating or destructive activity that damages or destroys another person's quality of life.

Dealing with Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour (also known as ASB) includes a range of problems. Behaviour can be anti-social because it is capable of causing a nuisance, or annoyance, to both individuals and the wider community. This type of behaviour can include:

• Nuisance neighbours • Thoughtlessness, perhaps noise

• Vandalism, graffiti and fly-posting Tackling Anti-social behaviour-

• Intimidating groups taking over public spaces

nuisance caused by late-night fireworks or loud music

• Pets/dog fouling • People buying and taking drugs on the street

• People drinking alcohol in the street • Reckless driving of mini-motorbikes

• People dumping rubbish and abandoning cars

A number of agencies can take action to deal with anti-social behaviour. These include the police, local authorities and social landlords (local authority landlords and housing associations). Such agencies have a wide range of powers available to them to take action against a tenant of a social landlord, against someone renting from a private landlord or against a homeowner.

Megan Hardy - Police Community Support Officer 71228

If you have anything you wish to discuss with your local beat officers please contact us on: 101 Extn. 300 383 Email: OR

Fun Day 2016

We will be holding our 4th annual Fun Day on the Dashes Playing Field in August. A great opportunity to have some fun with the family and as well as Netteswell neighbours. This year’s date is still to be confirmed but we will publicise closer to the time – you can also keep an eye on our website, twitter or Facebook page.

Ron Kingsmill, Pastor - Freshwaters Christian Fellowship Email:

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