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THE ACTIVE SENIOR The Link Between Physical Activity and Health

Studies have shown that being physically active has significant benefits for seniors including reduced risk for heart disease, falls and injuries, obesity, high blood pressure, adult-onset diabetes, osteoporosis, stroke, depression, colon cancer and premature death. Wow! But that’s not all! Moderate physical activity such as walking for 30-60 minutes a day can contribute to continued independent living, better mental health, improved quality of life, better posture, improved self-esteem, stronger muscles and bones, and a more relaxed life. What are you waiting for? An excellent resource for older adults interested in becoming more active is Canada’s Physical Activity Guide which can be ordered free of charge by calling Phone: 1-888-334-9769

So how do you start on the road to a healthier lifestyle if you aren’t there already? The trick, they tell us, is to build physical activity into your daily routine starting slowly with easy stretching and walking. Talk to your doctor or nurse practitioner about any pre-existing condition you may have before engaging in moderate or strenuous exercise. There are dozens of locations in the community where seniors can take part in physical activity, including the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre, the YMCA and the Becket Adult Leisure Centre. The hard part is taking that first step. You may find you sleep better and feel more relaxed generally once you become more physically active. Start slowly and work up to 30 to 60 minutes a day of moderate physical activity. Not sure if this is right for you? Consult a health-care professional.


219 Colborne St., Brantford ON N3T 2H2 Phone: 519-756-3261 Fax: 519-756-2857 Seniors Clubs – Get involved! 519-756-4000 Snow Buddy & Leaf Raking Program 519-756-4000

The Beckett Adult Leisure Centre is a great place for seniors to go for companionship, to visit with old friends or make new ones. There are dozens of activities and programs to keep people moving, including fitness classes, snooker and dancing, yoga, clogging, walking and many more. The Centre has a cafeteria where reasonably priced lunches are served. Register for instructional programs, workshops, and special events or attend one of the many drop-in activities. The cafeteria is open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for coffee/tea and healthy snacks and 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for lunch.


Snow Buddies help seniors and special needs adults by raking leaves and/or shoveling snow. This is an important service to the community because it helps seniors to continue to live independently in their own homes.



2 Edge Street, Brantford, ON N3T 6H1 Phone: 519-752-2964 E-mail: Website:

The Boys and Girls Club of Brantford has several programs for older adults and seniors who are serious about fitness. As well, the Club offers The Community Recreation for Adults with Disabilities (ComRAD) Program for adults with developmental challenges. Each program has a nominal fee attached.

The 55+ Fitness & Wellness Program assists participants with building health and quality of life though exercise and education. Weight training, squash courts, indoor running track, personal training, aerobic classes and health seminars are available.Towel service, full sized lockers and special 55+ membership rates are available. Accessibility and Friendly. The upstairs part of the Club (there is an elevator) is for adults only with adults change rooms. The Club is located adjacent to scenic Lion’s Park.

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