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aPTT in rats and in humans ex vivo.18,19 In a punch biopsy study with 110 healthy volunteers, 4-factor PCC (Beriplex®


showed a dose-dependent reversal of edoxaban 60mg with complete reversal of bleeding duration following 50IU/kg.20 PER977, a small molecule capable of binding to both heparin and NOACs, rapidly reversed the anticoagulant effects of edoxaban, as well as of other factor Xa inhibitors, in vitro and was successfully evaluated in healthy volunteers as a single dose after a single high dose of edoxaban, with sustained haemostasis achieved within 10–30 minutes after administration of the candidate antidote.21

The effects in coagulation

induced by this synthetic molecule in individuals with steady-state dosing of edoxaban are currently being assessed.22 Finally, andexanet alfa, an inactive form of Factor Xa, has completed Phase II evaluation in the reversal of anticoagulation with Factor Xa inhibitors,23

and a Phase III trial,

designated ANNEXA-E, specifically with edoxaban, is planned.24


The pharmacological properties of edoxaban provide rapid and specific inhibition of Factor Xa, which is closely related to plasma concentrations. Given the limitations with long-term warfarin therapy, once-daily edoxaban may provide a convenient long-term alternative for patients.7

The results from the Phase III clinical programme for edoxaban constituted a significant therapeutic advance for patients who are intolerant or unsuitable

to treatment with warfarin, leading to regulatory approval of the drug in three major territories. ●

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