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President Juan Albarran called the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association

to order

10:49 a.m. ROLL CALL

MEMBERS PRESENT: Juan Albarran, President Robert Steinbacher, Vice President Andrew Kuljis, Secretary Trustee James Coburn Trustee Joe Vigil Trustee Craig White Trustee Jeff Cawdrey Trustee Doak Smith Trustee Chris Hart Trustee Frank Aguirre Trustee Gene Bednarchik Trustee Mike Sailhamer Trustee Steve Berkery Trustee Rick Godinez Trustee Francisco Hernandez Trustee Mark Akahoshi Trustee Steven Domanski Trustee Barry Hedberg – Pension Trustee Tim Larson – Pension Todd Layfer - Executive Director

MEMBERS ABSENT: Trustee Tyler Tomich (Excused) Trustee David Ortiz (Excused) Trustee Chris Stine (Excused) Trustee David Peters (Excused) Trustee Steve Ruda (Excused)

GUESTS: Dave Wagner, Grapevine Editor Dennis Mendenhall, Retired Tom Stires, Retired

Bob Olsen, L.A. Retired Fire & Police Lee Kebler, L.A. Retired Fire & Police

INVOCATION & Flag Salute

Rick Godinez led the invocation. Jeff Cawdrey led the flag salute. RATIFICATION OF MINUTES

Juan Albarran entertained a motion to ratify and dispense with the reading of the minutes of the Board of Trustees meeting held December

54 • March 2016

2, 2015. Chris Hart so moved. Frank Aguirre seconded. There was no further discussion or objections.


Motion carried to ratify and dispense with the reading of the minutes of the Board of Trustees meeting held December 2, 2015.

Juan Albarran thanked the Board and the LAFRA staff for their support during his service as President of LAFRA.

Bob Steinbacher presented Juan Albarran with a gift and thanked him for his service and dedication to the Relief Association.


Andy Kuljis certified the election results for 2016.

Andy Kuljis proceeded to give the Oath of Office to Bob Steinbacher and Jeff Cawdrey as President and Vice President.

Andy Kuljis gave the Oath of Office to the Group 1 Trustees and Mike Sailhamer.


1) Bob Steinbacher referred to the 2016 LAFRA Committees list and indicated that once finalized, he will present it at the February Board meeting.

2) Bob Steinbacher referred to the Medicare subsidy and indicated that they received word that it has been lowered by $36 per month. He indicated that we have received some calls from members in regards to the medical premium changes.

3) Bob Steinbacher informed the Board that we have six Drill Tower classes scheduled for this calendar year. He indicated that they have the dates for these classes and asked if any Trustees were interested in attending.


1) Jeff Cawdrey informed the Board that the Board Educational Offsite is scheduled for Wednesday, March 2nd (A Shift) at the Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

1) Todd Layfer informed that a new Trustee Expense Voucher has been emailed out to the Trustees and indicated that there is a new mileage reimbursement rate of $.54 per mile as of January 1, 2016.

2) Todd Layfer informed that the Audit

Committee planning meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 28th at 8:30am.

3) Todd Layfer indicated that he is currently putting together the operating budget. He indicated that he will first present it to the Administrative Committee on January 20 th and then to Board for full adoption on February 3rd.

4) Todd Layfer referred to the Investment Allocation Policy review and indicated that on January 21st, Beacon Pointe will come down to the LAFRA office. He indicated that they will discuss how market conditions have changed and if the LAFRA investment formula still makes sense with the current conditions.

5) Todd Layfer indicated that each year, they have an onsite investment committee meeting at the Beacon Pointe office in Newport Beach. He indicated that it is scheduled for February 23rd.


Jeff Cawdrey presented the following motions.

The committee recommends and I so move to pay the usual and customary bills in the amount

2) Jeff Cawdrey referred to the LAFRA Health Fair and indicated that it has been scheduled for April 20 & 21. Dave Wagner informed that he’s made contact with HSB, VSP, Unum & Express Scripts and indicated that they have agreed to attend. He stated that some of the Grapevine advertisers will also

attend and

provide free sample products. He indicated that they need to place marketing materials in Grapevine, website and social media.

3) Jeff Cawdrey informed that the LAFRA Holiday party

is tentatively scheduled

December 10th in the Downtown L.A. area. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT


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