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Submitted by Frank Borden • Director of Operations, LAFDHS LAFD HISTORY - REMEMBER THESE? W ellingtons, Wheat Light, Edison

Battery, Lil’ Squirt, Plenty Good, Knapp, Three Man Lift, Coded Duty

Day, Demerits/Merits, Dungarees, Manifold/ Duplex Company, High Pressure Company, Pompiers, Mayo Diet, Platoon Commanders, Converse (black high tops), LuluBelle, Du- plex Pump, Coke Wagon, F-48 B’s (A’s & C’s), Mountain Patrol, Area 1 & 2, Seven Dwarfs, Ripple soles, Roving Captains, Westlake, Box Alarm, HU-6, Brown Bombers, Joker bell, For- rest Moore, Fire/Police Ward, Gibbs B/A, B/A Canister tape (Burells), Metropolitan Nozzle, Pump Tank, Frequency 1 & 3, Tar Paper Puller, Demolition 82, Two Platoon, WT-7, Hold-Out System, Chief’s Buicks, Ball and Chain, As- bestos Blanket, V-Neck Tees, Bubble Machine, Putt Putt, Pasting TT msgs in binder, Floor Watch Bench, Blue wool pants, Charletons, First Color TV!, Vernon Bar, Personal Spanner, Burrell Breather, Yellow Tongue, Spittoons, Fifty Foot Bangor Ladder, Number 2 Man, Big Bertha, Green Hornets. SOME ANSWERS IN THE APRIL ARTICLE

IN MEMORY OF APPARATUS OPERA- TOR TOM TAYLOR – TRUCK 60 January of 1981 turned out to be a very

sad time for the LAFD and our extended fam- ily with the loss of Apparatus Operator Tom Taylor. It is hard to believe that was 35 years ago because the incident is still etched in the minds of those who were there and those who were on the job at the time, and of course the Taylor family. It was shortly after 3:30 a.m. when the members of FS 60 in North Holly- wood were awakened by a person reporting a fire at Cugees restaurant at Lankershim and Weddington. OCD dispatched Task Forces 60 and 102, Engine 86, Squad 39 and Battalion 14. Upon arrival firefighters encountered heavy smoke but little flame as Truck 60 raised the aerial to the roof and the engine laid lines to the fire. Access to the roof was complicated by the façade which extended well above it. A roof ladder was brought up so that the ventilation team could get down onto the roof. The roof seemed solid as the team proceeded testing as they went to a point where Tom Taylor began opening up with a chain saw. Tom was starting his second cut when at 3:46 a.m. the roof sud-

denly separated from the north wall and col- lapsed. Captain Mike Reagan and Firefighter Burton Sander made it through thick smoke to the roof ladder, climbed over the parapet and hung there as firefighters rushed to get a ladder to them. Battalion 14 Aide Ron Leydecker and Firefighter Tom Shrout from Engine 60 quickly climbed up the aerial ladder. Leydecker helped Firefighter Coleman Lawson onto the aerial, while Shrout reached for Taylor who had slide down the slope of the collapsed roof.


dling the rail of the aerial ladder with his foot, Shrout reached down to grasp Taylor’s out- stretched hand. Their hands touched several times, but neither man could get a sufficient grip for Shrout to pull Taylor out. Seconds later Taylor fell into the fire and was killed. Captain Reagan, his hands burned and his turn- outs smoldering from the flames was forced to release his grip on the parapet and fell to the sidewalk. Firefighter Sander also fell and be- came entangled in the ladder being raised to save him. As they were being treated for their injuries, the south side of the restaurant façade fell outward sending bricks and debris onto the firefighters. Captain Reagan suffered burns to both hands and other injuries, Firefighter Sander a fractured left arm, Firefighter Lawson smoke inhalation, and Firefighter Garry Ing- ham of Squad 39 a fractured kneecap. The tragic fire was an arson for fraud

and a large number of LAFD Arson and Alco- hol Tobacco and Firearms investigators worked together to solve the crime and arrest those who were found guilty of arson and homicide.

The Annual LAFD Fallen Firefighters Memorial cer- emony is held in October of each year to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

The LAFD Fallen Firefighters Memo- rial was constructed by the Historical Society with donations from many to remember and honor members of the LAFD like Tom Taylor.

Capt Reagan and FF Sanders on the parapet while S/A Ron Leydecker helped FF Lawson onto the lad- der. You can see FF Tom Shrout’s hand reaching down for A/O Tom Taylor. Photo by Mike Meadows

Capt Reagan and FF Sanders on the para- pet while S/A Ron Leydecker

helped FF

Lawson onto the lad- der. You can see FF Tom Shrout’s hand reach- ing down for A/O Tom Taylor. Photo by Mike Meadows

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