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Send your letters & comments to the editor at: John Moore was the “C” shift B/C

in Battalion 7 at old 17’s in the mid 70’s. I remember him as very practical and also a guy who went on dirt bike rides with the guys from 17’s. Alan Broude was a classmate of

Hey Dave,

Another great Grapevine! (February 2016). You should sponsor a caption contest for the photo on pages 2 and 3. Something like “Now’s your chance, get the Chief!” One other note - I notice that sometimes the company number is not visible on some ap- paratus photos such as the inset in the Bat- talion 1 News section of page 11. Inquiring minds want to know. It would probably be a good idea for the Department to get good, easily visible I.D. on all rigs. Helps with the “fog of war.”

Davy Davidson LAFRA

Enclosed is a check in memory of

F.F. Willy Kesson of old Fire Station 2’s. He and I worked together my last 3 ½ years. He was really a fireman’s fireman. Good at everything and a pleasure to have on the crew.

God bless,

Jack and Barbara Chell San Clemente, CA

Dear Mr. Jim Dolan & Staff, My family and I thank you very

much for the beautiful flag in the frame with information on the plaque about Wal- ter (Sorenson) and his service while on the LAFD. He would be happy to know it flew over his last place of duty, Fire Station 84 (which in his day they called the “retire- ment house”). The flag is on the desk in the den where hangs his badge, Medal of Valor, the story of how he received the medal and other memorabilia. Walt loved being a fireman and en- joyed the camaraderie of his brethren. We heard many stories – some happy and fun-

44 • March 2016 Love,

The Urquiza Family Newbury Park, CA

Dear LA Firemen’s Relief Association; Please accept this donation to the

Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemen’s Fund in memory of John D. Moore, Alan R. Broude and Richard L. Kampff, all of whom passed away recently.

Words cannot express how grateful I am for the love and support you continue to show my family. Year after year I am re- minded of how much I love my fire fam- ily. Thank you very much for the generous check and wonderful card I received in the mail. Jessica Urquiza I cannot begin to explain how grate- ful I am for the constant love and support we receive from the Relief Association. Me, my sister and mother have been able to live an amazing life thanks to all your ef- forts. For this I am eternally grateful. Troy- Urquiza

ny, and some (he rarely revealed) not so. He missed being a fireman for a long time after he retired. Some of his dear friends – Cameron Fullmer, Carl Quatrechi and Bill Rosolett went before him. I’m sure they are all having a good time reminiscing now in Paradise! We had a good marriage of nearly 68 years, reared two sons and two daughters, all of whom are good citizens of this great land of ours.

Thank you again for all the cards, letters and especially the flag.

Carol R. Sorenson, the Walter K. Sorenson family Post Falls, ID

LA Firemen’s Relief Association-

mine who also worked at old 17’s on the “B” shift for a time. I also remember him as a M/C rider, but on the street. I remember one ride we went on, on the Angeles Crest, he rode a Triumph Bonneville and I was on a 450 Honda.

Richard (Rick) Kampff was at old

29’s when I transferred there from old 4’s (seems like a lot of “old” stations in this letter) in the late 70’s. If I remember cor- rectly he promoted to A/O and went to old 5’s. Later in the mid 80’s we were reliefs as Captain I’s at 10’s.

Richard Watters, LAFD retired Agoura Hills, CA

LA Firemen’s Relief Association,

Thank you for the always incredible and generous Christmas gift. I have been so blessed to have the support and love from each of those in the LA firefighter commu- nity and the Relief Association. Your kind- ness and generosity do not go unnoticed. Happy New Year!

With gratitude,

Jessica Reiner, daughter of Eric F. Reiner Austin, TX Hi Andy!

I’m sending this donation in emory of an outstanding retired TFC, Severino Trapletti, who passed away December 11th. We have been fast friends with Rino and Pat and family since our kids were in St Paul High School together in the 70’s. We will always treasure our “Easter Vaca- tion” boat trips, Hope all is well with you and your family.


Marylou Malais Las Vegas, CA

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