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Malouf’s Z Scented Pillows Deliver A Customizable Aromatherapy Experience

By Gretchen Kast Malouf is offering retailers and consumers an all-natural aromatherapy experience with the introduction of its new Z scented pillows. De- signed to promote healthy sleep, the collection is made from Dough memory foam and offers a variety of therapeutic fragrances. This dis- tinctive collection is available in three relaxing scents: chamomile, peppermint and lavender. Each pillow in the line-up is infused with real

essential oils and includes an essential oil spritzer to recharge or increase the scent—cre- ating a customizable environment. The Zoned Dough Chamomile model

features chamomile-infused Dough mem- ory foam made with real Roman chamomile essential oil from the Chamaemelum nobile plant. It offers a warm, fruity scent used to naturally ease tension or insomnia and create an uplifting, tranquil sleep environment. The

Zoned Dough Peppermint Pillow is designed to promote clarity of mind and health respi- ratory function, using peppermint-infused Dough memory foam made with real essen- tial oil from the M. piperita plant. Finally, the Zoned Dough Lavender pillow features laven- der-infused Dough memory foam made with real lavender essential oil from the Lavandula angustifolia plant. This pillow offers a sweet, floral and slightly woody scent that is used as a natural therapy to promote calming and relaxation for peaceful sleep. All three pillow options use advanced Zoned Technology, featuring larger holes in the center of the pillow to cradle the head, while smaller holes around the perimeter cre- ate a supportive zone for the neck. An envi- ronmentally friendly Tencel mesh cover pro- motes airflow and moisture control to ensure a uniquely comfortable sleep environment. Visit

Glideaway Expands Adjustable Base Offerings to Meet Broader Consumer Demand By Brooke S. Pisarsky

As the adjustable base market continues to grow in the United States, Glideaway will intro- duce two new models into its “Comfort Base Lifestyle” collection at the upcoming Winter Las Vegas Market. The new models were de- veloped to afford dealers and their customers more choice at varying price points. With over 50 years of developing and manufacturing metal bed frames, Glide- away’s latest additions, the Ascend Comfort Base and the Freestyle Comfort Base, allow retailers to expand their variety of offerings on showroom floors to fill in gaps in pricing and features.

In response to retailer and consumer reac-

tion to its patented Elevate Lift feature that allows the entire base to rise to an incline of 12-degrees, Glideaway developed the As-

cend Comfort Base. The Ascend features a wireless remote with programmable memory settings and offers all the benefits of Glid- eaway’s Sleep Enhancement Technology—in- cluding the improvement of health concerns like severe lumbar pain and acid reflux—at a more affordable price point. Available in a high-quality Stone Grey upholstered fabric, Ascend retails for $1,599–$1,699 in queen. With the Freestyle Comfort Base, the com- pany has developed a product unique to the Comfort Base line-up. The Freestyle features a simplified, single split-deck design created to go directly on top of an existing foundation or platform bed. The lightweight, split design of the base also provides a Comfort Base that will give retailers a better e-commerce option than previous adjustable base models with its compact and lighter packaging. It will

feature the most popular remote functions, including head/foot up and down and pre-set positions. The Freestyle will retail for $799- $999 in queen. “The popularity of adjustable bed bases is growing so rapidly that our retailers were asking us to bring more options to their floors at a broader price range so that they could better reach all consumers as well as increase margins,” said Glideaway Vice Pres- ident of National Sales Dan Baker. “Retailers and consumers responded very positively to the adjustable bed base models we intro- duced last year—the Prelude, Elevation, [and] Rhythm. With these additions, we can now offer our customers an even broader variety of options and features at all price points to satisfy their customers’ needs.” Visit 51

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