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Symbol Emphasizes Competitive Margins With Major Mattress Introductions

By Christopher Schriever Symbol Mattress is re-introducing itself to retailers in Las Vegas, bringing to the winter market a new brand identity, retail-focused business objectives and several new prod- uct lines.

“Because all six of our facilities function under the same operational umbrella, we’ve always been able to build a lot of value into our products,” noted Executive Vice Pres- ident, Mike McQuiston. “While the objective has been to deliver the industry’s best bed- ding values, we’re now going to emphasize Symbol beds that not only are highly saleable and have great looks and feels, but also con- sistently provide healthy margins to retailers. We’re leveraging our strengths in new ways, concentrating our efforts in the higher $799 to $1,599 range, and ensuring that our prod- ucts deliver highly competitive retail profits at those price points.”

In keeping with that strategy, Symbol is in- troducing an aggressive new two-bed collec- tion named gen-u-ine. The new line includes a nine-inch all-foam mattress at $899 and an 11-inch encased-coil version at $1,299— with the step-up model featuring a washable, stretch-knit top panel that zips off. Dealers also can opt for Cool Max or wool blend top panels that can be zipped off and laundered. Symbol cuts and sews its own covers, pre- pares its own component foams and recently installed a roll-pack machine at its Water- town, Wisconsin facility. The new gen-u-ine collection is available to stores as roll-pack mattresses, allowing shoppers to take either bed home from the store in a box that day, or the producer to warehouse and ship purchas- es direct to consumers’ homes. “There are lots of marketers out there selling mattresses, but they don’t make mat- tresses,” explained Mark Jannke, vice presi- dent of product development. “We are a gen- uine producer making genuine products, and we decided to use that attribute to name the line. We also believe the name coincides with

36 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2016

our new branding direction while enhancing the ability of brick-and-mortar retailers to compete with the expanding number of on- line mattress resources.” The company’s Las Vegas agenda also includes the introduction of new, high-end looks for its popular Symbol Signature Col- lection. The company has added new, more contemporary aesthetic options to the six- bed line-up without raising the original re- tail price of $699 to $1,499. The Signature series incorporates multiple comfort layers made from latex, pre-compressed cotton, memory foam or various gel-infused foams, depending on the model, along with encased coil-on-coil designs for the four top offerings. The final product launch for the Las Vegas Market will be the new adjustable-friend- ly Symbol Preferred encased-coil bed line, which is expected to retail from only $399 to $699. This series is comprised of three encased-coil beds that are foam-encased and use a variety of premium layers, including gel-infused foams. The beds feature tack- and-jump quilted stretch-knit covers in navy and white color combinations.

“It’s difficult to find a quality mattress at those price points that can be used with an adjustable foundation,” Jannke noted. “We wanted to broaden retailer options at those prices while still delivering healthy margins.” These three unique product introductions will all be unveiled alongside Symbol’s new rebranding efforts, which will include an up- dated market showroom and a new position statement and logo. The new “Your Life, Your Mattress” statement speaks succinct- ly to the important correlation between a consumer’s quality of life and their choice of a mattress. The new, modern logo was de- signed to be simpler and more memorable, meant to communicate the “genuineness, integrity and self-sufficiency,”

that comes

from being a self-reliant, vertically integrat- ed bedding organization. Visit

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