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6 Responsive Surface Technologies

4 4 Eight

Billed as the World’s Smartest Mattress Cover, Eight (formerly known as Luna) packs the ulti- mate sleep experience into one device. Boasting a two-minute setup, the super-thin cover is designed to fit any mattress and disappear beneath the sheets. But despite the device’s nearly unde- tectable profile, Eight provides a wealth of sleep data such as sleep phases, heart rate and breath rate, and works as a smart alarm, wak- ing users in the moment of light- est sleep for a less groggy start to the day. By syncing Eight to the downloadable app, consumers can easily learn what is and is not working during the night. In addi- tion to this comprehensive sleep monitoring, Eight also provides enormous convenience benefits. The mattress cover has dual heat- ing zones, allowing each partner to set the temperature individually, and is designed to integrate with numerous smart products such as thermostats, door locks, lights and a variety of fitness apps, offering consumers a clearer picture of their overall health. The Eight mat- tress cover can be pre-ordered now, for delivery in early 2016.

5 Beddit The Beddit sleep tracker is an-

other non-wearable device that lies unobtrusively beneath the sheets to capture extensive sleep metrics, turning any bed into a smart bed. Beddit tracks small vibrations caused by heartbeats, breathing and body movements and synchs to the companion app to provide detailed graphs. Used in conjunction with the user’s smart phone, Beddit can also detect the presence and severity of snoring. The device compiles all of the sleep data into a daily “SleepScore,” a scale of 0 to 100 that measures quality of sleep. Beddit scientists have determined a specific range that typically reflects optimal sleep— called the Green Zone—so users can, at a glance, determine just how well they slept.

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For those consumers who are not only looking to track their sleep, but improve sleep quality in real time, there is the ReST Bed by Responsive Surface Technologies (ReST). Launched this past fall and designed to be the ultimate smart bed, the ReST Bed utilizes state-of-the- art technology to automatically adjust the sleeping surface to each user’s unique needs as well as capture an incredible amount of data, thanks to its patented pressure-sensing fabric that monitors nearly 2,000 pressure points. As the bed assesses the sleeper’s needs, it reacts quietly and continuously by inflating or deflating the 5 differently-zoned air chambers that make up the core of the bed. Using the ReST Dash app on the included tablet, consumers can analyze sleep metrics and further customize their sleeping experiences. WiFi connectivity allows ReST Bed to integrate with existing and future home technologies.

7 Customatic

Adjustable Bedz Customatic Adjustable Bedz recently partnered with ICON Health & Fitness Corp. to devel- op the iFit Smart System, a fully comprehensive system that does more than just monitor sleep per- formance. The system includes a pressure-relieving mattress, premium cooling mattress pad and adjustable power base. Each incorporates sensors that contin- ually scan the body during sleep to monitor heart rate, body motion, REM sleep cycles, length of sleep and body temperature. This data is then stored in the iFit system app alongside information about the user’s daily diet, nutrition, exercise and work patterns. By tracking and monitoring users’ entire dai- ly performance, iFit provides key data on what could have caused sleep issues or physical respons- es. This innovative system then takes it a step further by offering simple solutions to help users not only improve their sleep but en- hance their overall health, fitness and lifestyle as well.

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