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Blu Sleep Unveils Two “Cool” Marketing Programs

and feature natural oils in their foam chemistry to offer a distinct color and aroma, in addition to other unique materials. These pillows pro- vide unsurpassed comfort, health and well- ness benefits. “We have had an amazingly positive recep- tion from retailers and consumers alike,” said Elizabeth Ciccolella, co-owner and marketing director. “In fact if there is any feedback from retailers, it is how can we make it easier for consumers to select the right pillow from this broad selection. How can we simplify the pro- cess so the retailer can match the right pillow to the individual customers’ comfort level, and that is what our new Choose your Number, Choose the Right Pillow in Store program is all about.” Blu Sleep has created the easy-to-use “How

By Christopher Schriever Blu Sleep Products is launching two unique marketing initiatives at the winter Las Vegas Market, including the “COOL” umbrella position- ing campaign and the retailer “How to Choose Your Pillow” program. For over a decade, Blu Sleep Products has

experienced great success with its line-up of high-performance lifestyle and fashion pillows. Using European designs, engineering and ma- terials such as Italian foams, Blu Sleep has ex- panded to offer five different pillow lines and over 25 different pillows. Each is made from uniquely engineered and designed foamed gel

To Choose Your Pillow?” program, which a retail sales associate can use. Using simple guides such as shoulder width, body type and falling asleep position, the program provides the cus- tomer with a number that will match one of the pillows on the display. This system allows the consumer to choose a pillow that he or she pre- fers while still adapting to their body type and sleep position.

Using this Pillow Choice program, Blu Sleep

is also simplifying its retailer program by offer- ing retailers four distinct pillow programs. “Re- tailers typically are not going to carry all 25 of our pillows,” Ciccollela explained. “So we offer different programs with five pillows in each in-

cluding Memory Foam, Latex, Natural Memory Foams, High Profile, Medium Profile, or Low Profile Pillows and Foamed Gel Pillows. These programs can also be customized by the cus- tomer. We will help retailers to create a pillow program that works best for their stores and their customers.” Additionally, Blu Sleep is in the early stages of creating a marketing and identity campaign under the theme “COOL in So Many Ways.” “Our advertising will focus on how really ‘Cool’ and amazing our products are, on how much more than just a technical or engineer- ing company we are,” said co-owner Alex Cic- collela. “When people see, touch and feel our European engineered sleep products, they really remember our colors, our unique ma- terials, the air-flow, the natural materials, the texture, the feel, and the comfort we offer. We want to invite our retailers to be ‘COOL in so Many Ways’ too.” Beyond technical, engineered Italian made pillows and mattresses, Blu Sleep offers retail- ers an optimum line-up of Somni mattresses and pillows, providing advanced, highly mer- chandisable products that are easy to sell. “Our products do set themselves apart from the ‘ge- neric type’ pillows and mattresses we find in almost all stores,” Ciccolella continued, “and we want to offer retailers the chance to set them- selves apart as well.” Visit

Assurant Offers E-Retailers Valuable Online Protection Plans

By Gretchen Kast Assurant Solutions recently launched Assur- ant Cart Protection, a technology solution that helps small and medium e-retailers add pro- tection products to their e-commerce checkout page with limited upfront investment or hassle. Assurant Cart Protection integrates easily into online retail platforms, enabling e-re- tailers to quickly add protection products to their e-commerce checkout page. With

20 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2016

a single click customers can gain peace of mind about their purchase and merchants instantly can generate additional revenue and boost margins. “Assurant Cart Protection provides online shoppers an easy, convenient way to protect their purchases,” said Matthew Pufall, Director of Product for Assurant Cart Protection. “For merchants, in addition to a low-cost source of new revenue, they get the opportunity to build

customer relationships and foster loyalty past the point of sale.” According to Forrester Research, cross-sale opportunities can represent an additional 30 percent of e-commerce revenues. Assurant Cart Protection enables cross-selling of protection products either as a white-labeled or co-brand- ed offering—and the technology is supported by virtually every e-commerce platform. Visit

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