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gen repelling properties. The unbleached cotton fibers serve as high-performance cushioning for enhanced pressure relief and superior comfort. Once at the facility, these materials are carefully compressed and combined with a hand-tied innerspring system without the use of any artificial foams or glues. Designed to provide significant support between the comfort layers, this system is made from hand-tied, high-quality steel coils. Individually wrapped in unbleached cotton muslin, each coil works both on its own and in concert to enhance the person- alized pressure-relieving support and mini- mize motion transfer. The final touch is the intricate hand-tufting process. With a series of tufts across the sleep surface, this detail not only lends the mattress a high-end look, it also securely fastens all of the fabric and comfort layers in place to prevent shifting or bunching.

Like all of Kingsdown’s products, every Diamond Royale mattress design goes through three stages of quality control us- ing third-party laboratories and in-house testing procedures. Using advanced Rol- lator equipment, Kingsdown additionally assesses the durability of each mattress construction—proving that this collection can withstand many years of wear-and-tear with negligible loss in performance. Finally, every Diamond Royale mattress is certified using Kingsdown’s patented comfort and postural support testing technology in or- der to guarantee that it meets the compa- ny’s stringent standards. “Every stitch, every detail is carefully consid-

ered,” Damewood continues, “so the end result is more than a mattress—it’s a masterpiece.” This careful consideration extends to every aspect of the Diamond Royale col- lection, from manufacturing to RSA training to delivery. In the year since it was first in- troduced, the company has fine-tuned all of the sales materials to ensure true expertise at every step of the process. Kingsdown

Updated Sleep Smart Mattress Unveiled at Winter Las Vegas Market

Kingsdown continues to stand at the forefront of bedding science and technology with the unveil- ing of its newly remodeled Sleep Smart system at the winter Las Vegas Market. Retailing for ap- proximately $5,999 in queen, the updated Sleep Smart uses sleep diagnostics and technology to identify a consumer’s proper support level and create a truly individualized sleep surface. “For years Kingsdown has been known for providing mattresses designed using data from our innovative research to help provide a restor- ative night’s rest and more retailers and con- sumers are starting to understand the concept and benefits behind the ‘science of sleep’,” said Kingsdown President and CEO Frank Hood. “Sleep Smart is our most innovative product to date. When we set out to improve and update it, we listened carefully to the input provided by our dealers on how to make it even better and the result is a top-notch product with a more acces- sible starting price point that makes it even more saleable for our retailers.”

Engineered using more than a decade’s worth of research from the Sleep to Live Institute, Sleep Smart provides health benefits for the 75% of

mattress buying consumers that struggle with back pain. With adjustable lumbar and optimal postural support, this unique sleep surface offers pressure relief unlike any other spring, foam or air mattress available. The command center of the mattress allows consumers to individually customize each side of the bed to the level recommended by Kings- down’s patented diagnostic system. Once a diagnostic sleep analysis determines recom- mended support needs, consumers can adjust their side of the mattress using Sleep Smart’s independently operated hand-held remote con- trol. The mattress’ unique construction features three adjustable support zones across the center of the bed, including a redefined lumbar region to relieve pressure on the lower back. New this market is the Sleep Smart iOS app,

which enables custom control to both sides of the bed with the click of a button. The optional app also controls the Bluetooth-enabled adjustable base option, which comes with a Zero Gravity fea- ture to help to ensure a better night’s sleep. Experience Kingsdown’s full bedding portfolio in showroom B-1300 at the Las Vegas Market.

has even worked with one retailer to create a luxurious, velvet-lined wooden crate for the delivery of each mattress—elevating the sales experience even further. This metic- ulous attention to detail further enhances the brand’s ongoing commitment to creat- ing truly one-of-a-kind products. “The Diamond Royale is the culmination of everything Kingsdown does,” Damewood explains. “It’s not just about selling units. It’s about selling something that offers true quality, value and purpose.” Visit 11

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