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District Reports from around the State

District I Board Report-Fall 2015 President Dana LaClair President Elect Jessica Ochs First of all, I'd like to congratulate several of my

colleagues on their induction into the Vermont Music Educators Association's Hall of Fame. Eric Bushey, band director at BFA St. Albans, won Music Educator of the Year. Bruce McRae, a private brass instructor who retired from BFA Fairfax, received special recognition. Rachael Sherman, chorus teacher at Enosburg Falls Junior Senior High School, was nominated for Outstanding New Music Educator of the Year. These educators bring so much vitality and knowledge to the profession of music education. They value high standards and their ensembles reflect their hard work and dedication. Throughout the school year, District I hosts a high

school chorus and band festival, a middle school chorus and band festival, a strings festival and a jazz festival that culminates in a performance at Discover Jazz. The All-State Festival will also be held in District I this year atMissisquoi Valley Union High School. District II Board Report-Fall 2015 President Bill Prue President Elect-None at this time United Christian Academy:The advanced handbell ensemble "The Bronze Ambassadors" will be traveling to Burlington in December to be part of the entertainment for a homeless event on Church Street called "The Coolest Lunch." It's sponsored by C.O.T.S.-Kim Strepka STOWE MIDDLE SCHOOL’s big news is that we added a music teacher. Andy Gagnon is teaching middle school band and chorus, and we have reinstated middle school general music classes for all students. -Marty Sorrell. My HS jazz band and band are about the same size and HS chorus seems to have grown now that I am available at the HS full time. Trends include conflicts with AP classes and scheduling conflicts, like everywhere else!-Jane Lambert Glover School: (as well as Lake Region High School) has had some composers' work performed in the Music COMP’s Opus project in the past few years, and I am now interested in seeing if we can put together a local group of professional performers to showcase student work (as well as having more of my students compose their own pieces for performance.


believe the Opus concerts cost roughly $11,000 to put on so we are looking for a way to fund these. In OCSU, Amy Newton and I are proposing to school boards to add a half day of music in some of our schools: our instrumental programs are bursting at the seams and we have no time for "extras" like prep for festivals, mentoring individual composers, coaching soloists, etc -Anna Kennedy


Morristown Elementary: At MES, I am trying new types of performances this year. Each grade level is hosting a community dinner and performing an in-formance for their parents and community. At the in-formance they will teach all attendees how to do what we do in music class with dances, composition, games, etc-Kim Beckley Newport Town School: Significant increase in student excitement for music classes - using more movement and

instrumental units to keep students engaged. Great interest in band - 52% of grades 4-5-6 participate in band (up from 30% in prior years). Uptick in interest factors: can start any time, gr. 4-6, can try instruments before committing. PTO subsidy of instrument rental. Strong classroom and admin support -Molly Kelly Hardwick Elementary School: We are going to be having Burlington Taiko here in early December as an artist in residence for ten days. This is being funded solely through grants and fundraising so far. We are also attaching a "River of Light" walk in conjunction with the Art Program - every student in the school (and hopefully some community members) will create paper lanterns and we will parade through town with our lanterns. Vermont Council on the Arts ($2500) , Concept 2 ($750) and EPSDT ($2000) (some sort of federal medicaid funds) have all contributed to project - we are waiting on hearing about grants from Vermont Community Foundation ($5000) and Vermont NEA ($500) to complete the funding for our project. Concert and parade are scheduled for Wednesday, December 16th-Jodi Sanders North Country Union High School: The band has maintained about the same numbers for the past three years (between 75-85). There have been some scheduling issues, however, and it looks like we may be headed towards having two separate band classes. The group has played together at several football games and will be performing at homecoming with all of the dance classes and then again at the Fall Band Concert. After that we will be headed to Disneyworld to perform and attend a clinic just before hosting auditions for the Northeast Music Festival. Also new, I’ve begun a ROCKBAND class that includes electric guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards all playing into a Jamhub. Students learn instrument technique, how to work together, and some rock history. The class uses a lot of technology-Bill Prue District III President-Gary Moreau Nothing to report at this time District IV President-Sarah Helman President Elect-Lloyd Dugger The Winooski Valley Music Association (District 4) is preparing for HS auditions (Concert Band, Chorus & HS Jazz Ensemble) which will take place Wednesday, October 21 at Harwood Union High School. This has been the primary focus thus far. We held a successful Fall meeting in September with almost all of our teachers present. We are also working on making our our jazz audition process and our middle school nomination & selection process more streamlined. Upcoming Events Winooski Valley High School Festival November 19 & 20 at U-32 High School.

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