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Netteswell Neighbour is published by: Freshwaters Christian Fellowship.

Editor: Richard Read Netteswell Neighbour c/o The Gateway Centre Perry Road Harlow CM18 7NR Email: Telephone: 0843 523 0418 Web:

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Our front cover shows a photograph of St. Andrew’s church which is near Netteswell pond. Although not in the ward today, it was in the pre-New Town Netteswell area. An interesting map1, circa 1875, clearly shows St. Andrew’s, Nettleswellbury, near the centre. The photo was taken in the early 1960s by Bill Lewis who kindly gave permission to use it as our seasonal (snowy!) front cover. Bill continues his interesting recollec- tions as a boy growing up in the Downs on page 4. This is our 11th edition and our print run is being increased to over 3,000

copies so that a copy may, for the first time, be delivered to every household in the ward. To help finance this effort we are, as ever, indebted to the regular support of our advertisers but the newsletter remains far from self- financing – so I continue to appeal to anyone who may benefit from advertis- ing with us to step up to the plate. Thank you to Megan for once again providing useful, timely, advice about

safety and crime prevention. You may also notice on the Neighbourhood Police Team page that Megan includes a ‘farewell’. After 4 years of enthusiastically policing the ward she may well become a victim of Essex Police’s decision to dramatically reduce the number of PCSOs. I am sure you will join me in thanking Megan for her work to help make Netteswell a safer and friendlier place, and to wish her well for the future. Mike Levett reports on the Town Park developments, much of which is

now completed. With the school holidays not far away, this is a great time to see the newly reopened Pets’ Corner and its much improved facilities. I am really pleased to see that the ‘Schools’ Page’ is a bumper edition and

now running to almost 3 pages. Netteswell is well represented with educa- tional establishments and students of school and college age. Of particular note is Sir Charles Kao UTC’s recent Heart4Harlow Community Award for Education – not bad when one considers it is only in its second year of operation. Well done! The local councillors’ report that the on-off wrangle over street light’s in

the small hours of the night has finally been resolved, for now. As I write, it is only a week after the Paris terrorist attacks. Like the vast

majority of people throughout the world, I am deeply saddened and feel for the families of those caught up in the attacks. I ponder the mentality of those who perpetrate such cowardly and heinous crimes, and also the organisa- tions who openly declare their stated aim to kill and maim as many people as they can. My thoughts turned to the Geneva convention. (This is a complex convention with 4 treaties and additional protocols established by the United Nations over many years). It makes very clear that ‘non-combatants’ should

not be targeted in war. France is at ‘war’ with some factions in the middle east, but the Geneva Conven- tion does not apply to what happened in Paris. However, in the spirit of the Convention, France’s unarmed citizens should be free to go about their everyday lives without fear of attack. This freedom should also hold true for all civilians in all nations. It is impossible to square the perpetration of the above atrocities with the Christmas message which is

loosely summarised by the words on our front cover - peace, joy, love and hope. In the light of recent events in Paris and Mali it is easy to become discouraged and negative. But as we look to another new year maybe these words would not only be worth hanging on to and sharing over Christmas, but also form the basis of a New Year’s resolution to take into 2016 for good. Individuals, and their actions, count – I once asked a charity worker where did he start when the need was so enormous to which he quickly replied ‘one at a time’. Let us be those ‘ones’ through the coming season of goodwill and into the new year, who determine to make a difference to those around us, and beyond. On behalf of the team of Netteswell Neighbour, we wish you all a Peaceful Christmas and Prosperous New Year - Richard (1)

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