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A not-so-rich cake recipe.

Ingredients 8oz butter 8oz soft brown sugar 8oz plain flour and pinch of salt 8oz mixed currants, sultanas and seedless raisins

2oz glace cherries, halved, washed and patted dry


1. Sift the flour with the salt and spices and divide into 3 portions, adding one portion to the fruit, cherries, almonds and peel. 2. Soften the butter and beat in the sugar until soft and light. 3. Separate the eggs and beat the yolks in, one at a time, with the spirit/sherry. 4. Fold in the second portion of flour, then fold in all the fruit 5. Whip the egg whites until stiff, then fold in to the mixture with the third portion of flour. 6. Turn the mixture into the prepared cake tin (8 inch tin lined with a double thickness of greaseproof paper). 7. Bake for about 2½ hours in a very moderate oven (150oC/325oF).

Enjoy ! A Christmas Poem

Just what is Christmas all about? We rush from here to there, Buying presents, lots of food For everyone to share.

Decorations hung all round, In windows and on walls, And in the corner, as always, The tree, with silver balls.

Maybe we'll make a cake or pud, And mince pies by the dozen, Don't forget that little present For your very distant cousin!

Perhaps you're one who'll be alone, No family or friends, So you're not caught up in all this stuff, And you're glad when the day ends.

But is this how it's meant to be? This rush and dash and hurry, That makes us all so very stressed With planning and with worry?

In all the rush, take time to think, To pause, and pray, and ponder On the baby born in Bethlehem Jesus the Christ, and wonder.

And give thanks for the Saviour, Born to us from God above,

Because of Him we can all have life, Let's praise Him for His love!

A poem written by Heather Lewis especially for Christmas time. Page - 16

2oz flaked almonds 2oz candied peel ½ tsp mixed spice ½ tsp grated nutmeg 3 tbs brandy, rum or sherry 4 eggs

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