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David Livingstone United Reformed Church

Dear Friends, So the end of the year is coming and we are looking forward

to Advent and Christmas. Where has the year gone once again? Did we blink and miss it? Lots of things have happened over the year and we thank and praise God for them, both the happy times and the sad ones. As we look forward to Christmas once more and the birth of

Christ, I have been thinking about the journey that Mary and Joseph made to Bethlehem, the shepherds and the wise men. Then there are the early disciples and Paul. They had no navigation instruments like us. We have available nowadays our

satellite navigational systems that take us to exactly where we want to go. You just type in the postcode, press Go and it tells you how to arrive at your destination. Yes, I know there can be problems, but in the main they are reliable. Mary and Joseph though did not have such a luxury, not even a compass, and no road signs

along the way giving directions. Instead they had to rely on the stars and moon. And when they arrived at their destination there was no room for them. They were homeless, not even somewhere for Mary to have her baby. It is amazing that the shepherds and the wise men ever found their way to the place. Jesus and the disciples, and later Paul, travelled miles across country and countries. How did they

navigate themselves? It is truly amazing! Of course it is possible to find your way around by following the sun and moon, but it is still truly remarkable. Another miracle is that the message of Jesus’ birth and subsequent ministry ever came to fruition. And certainly Paul’s journeys were spread far and wide. Just think of the distances they all travelled, and all with no transport, except animals. So as we look forward to celebrating the birth of Christ in a stable in Bethlehem, let us spare a

thought for all those who have long journeys to make to be with their families or friends, and also for all the homeless people who will celebrate their Christmas on the streets. Let us hope and pray that they too will have a new journey to make in the near future, where they will know the love of Christ. Christ is born, and was born for everyone, yesterday, today and for ever. So as we wait in preparation for the Christ child to be born anew to us this Christmas, I wish you

all a prosperous and happy Christmas and may the New Year bring new hopes and dreams for us all. Kathryn

Our preachers for December are:- 6th December 13th December 20th December 27th December

Rev Kathryn Taylor with Communion Rev John Buxton Rev John Danso Rev Kathryn Taylor

19th December 3pm Glee Club Carol Concert at David Livingstone URC Our Carol Service this year is on 20th December 4pm at Trinity URC, Harberts Road. All are welcome. 27th December 4.30pm Rev Dr Jason Askew’s Farewell Service and Afternoon Tea at St Andrews, The Stow. Jason has been called to an Ecumenical Area in Wales.

CHURCH SERVICES David Livingstone URC, Maddox Road CM20 3RW

Sunday 9.30am

Freshwaters Christian Fellowship Leah Manning Centre, Park Lane CM20 2QJ Sunday 10.30am

St. Andrew’s Methodist Church, The Stow Sunday Service 10.30am, including crèche

St. Paul’s Church, Town Centre CM20 1LP 11am Every Sunday. (Communion 2nd & 4th Sundays) St Mary's, Little Parndon : 9.30am Every Sunday (4th Sunday Holy Communion)

Our Lady of Fatima, Howard Way CM20 2NS Sunday Mass 8am, 11am : Holy Day Mass 9.30am : Sacrament of Reconciliation 9.30 - 10am (Sat).

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