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Sir Charles Kao celebrates Local Democracy Week Throughout the week, 12-16th October, students visited the

Epping Forest Civic Offices on Epping High Street and the Essex County Council Offices in Chelmsford as part of a series of youth conferences held by the councils to promote the British value of democracy at a local level. There they experienced debating workshops, participated in a local democracy quiz and had the chance to meet and quiz Councilor’s on their role in upholding democracy within the council. They also spoke in debates in the council chamber on a wide range of topics including the European Union, the Monarchy and refugees.

Freshwaters Primary Academy Sarah Horgan - WISE award nominee

The futures of young children in Harlow are being inspired by real-life enterprise. Freshwaters Primary Academy is running the Enabling Enterprise programme to equip its young people with the skills, experiences and aspirations they need to succeed in life. The whole school got behind the project with a challenge day where pupils had to learn about the different rôles and jobs needed to build a moon base. Each year group will also now be set an enterprise project, including running a postal service, community café

and newspaper, and creating and selling a board game. Head of School Marios Solomonides said: “The vision is when children leave school, they are

ready for the world of work. One of our curriculum drivers is enterprise and aspirations. This work is all centred around business and aspiration.” At different points through the year, children will visit actual places of work, starting with a trip to a French bank in London in November. Mr Solomonides said: “Our young people will learn about the world of work, on this occasion in the

financial industry. We want them to see the real link between education and work and understand why they are being taught certain skills and lessons. We aren’t here just to look after children, we are here to prepare them for life. They need to be prepared for life when they reach Year 11, it’s too late to start thinking about it when they reach secondary school. “We need children to start thinking about where they are

heading, we want them to have an aim and to understand making it a reality comes down to hard work and practise. Our children see people on X factor where they are one minute working in a supermarket and the next they are popstars making millions. We can’t blame them for thinking that’s how success is made, but it’s rarely really like that. “We want lessons to be real for them; we don’t want them to think we are pretending. These will be real business and real places of work. It’s very exciting.”

Harlow Youth Vision

A place for young people – aged 11 to 19 years, play pool, watch video games, read magazines and relax for free. Meets most Thursday nights : 7.45 - 9.15pm in St. Andrew’s Church Hall, The Stow (opposite the doctors).

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Enabling Enterprise

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