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MOST genealogists start their research by gathering family stories and documents. These create a foundation that is used for the research, and it involves evaluating and examining historical records to brush for evidence about kinship ties, relatives and ancestors, and the events that happened in their lives. As a rule, the research begins from the present and works backward through time. Pedigree charts and family group sheets are normally used to keep track of all the collected material. These used to be handwritten, but with modern technology they can be generated from genealogical software. It is important to know the type of information you

will be looking for when conducting genealogy research, including: Family names –These are some of the most

important pieces of information and, ironically, one of the greatest source of confusion for researchers. Given names –These are the names that were given

to an individual. First names are usually very tricky to use as they are normally interchanged with nicknames; therefore, middle names also come in handy. Place names –This is where you have to look for life

events and the precise locations of ancestors’ residence, core elements of the research quest. Dates –This has to be approached with a lot of

caution as they can be easily mis-transcribed because they’re usually very difficult to recall. You can use civil


Publication © 2013 Hargus Ltd. All vintage images © Andrew Paterson unless otherwise indicated. COVER: Main woman image MOIR, group image unidentified, Inverness and the River Ness. Small images from left to right PADDON, RAMSAY, BOAR, CAMPBELL. Frontispiece image MILLAR.

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other images which have been sourced elsewhere or are photographic collections or individual photographs submitted by members of the public. We will remove any image from the online database upon receiving a written request, although the image will still be held within the archive.

THANKS TO: Susan Skelton, Inverness Library; Lesley Junor, Inverness Museum & Art Gallery; Helen Trompeteler, National Portrait Gallery; Kim Macpherson, Scottish National Portrait Gallery; Michael Pritchard, Royal Photographic Society; Murray Dobbie, British Institute of Professional Photographers; Claire McKendrick, Scottish Theatre Archive; Claire MacKenzie, Scottish Screen Archive; Paul Goodman, National Media Museum; Monica Thorp, Scottish Society for History of Photography; Cara MacDowall, University of Glasgow; Ross Martin, Inverness Camera Club; Mick Low, Amanda Galleitch, Highlanders' Museum Fort George; Catherine Cumming, John McDonald, North Kessock Local History Society; Peter Stubbs, Edinphoto; Mandi Munro, Highland Memorial Inscriptions; Alastair McGregor, Watermill Enterprises; Brian Gallagher, Daily Record; Marcia Hammond (USA); Heather Watts, Rhonda Brown (Nova Scotia); Mary Horlock, Dave Conner, Robert Preece, Eona Macqueen, Frances Maclennan and Margaret Paterson. With special thanks to Peter Snowie, Andreas von Einsiedel and Andrew Chalmers.

registrations and birth dates that provide more accurate information. Occupation –This can be vital when it comes to

distinguishing two different people and understanding the ancestral life better. The occupation can represent a person’s political interest, migration pattern and social status. When using this, keep in mind that occupations and titles normally change over time.

Some useful initial contacts for those researching family histories in the Scottish Highlands include: (Scotland BDM Exchange) (Scottish Archive Network) (National Archives of Scotland) (Scottish Assoc of Family History Societies)

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