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Two fine Fellows

When Rtn Colin Holman rose to speak about one of our members it gradually dawned on Roger Watts that he was the subject of praise.

His Paul Harris Fellowship recognises the devoted support he has given to the Club since joining during Colin’s Presidential year 1999/2000 and also his work in the local community not least of all his organising and erection of the many Christmas trees which annually adorn the town’s business premises. Roger is also an active

fundraiser for the RNLI.

It is typical of Roger that his many good deeds, generosity and kindnesses go without notice. They come naturally to him and he goes about them quietly, without fuss, not expecting nor inviting recognition or praise.

Roger was, for once, speechless and so obviously much moved by the honour being bestowed upon him. Congratulations Roger Watts PHF, from us all.

During DG Frank’s visit on 7th October it was the turn of another fine Rotarian to receive the honour of a Paul Harris Fellowship: this time proposed by President Lynda.

In her introduction, Lynda spoke about the invaluable support she had received from Mike Barrett when she was unexpectedly thrust into the Presidential role much earlier than anticipated.

His award recognises his sterling work with the Club website, his significant contribution to our fundraising and community work and always stepping in when help is needed. He has been our Secretary, our President and as the driving force behind our Young

Carers Club he earned us Rotary’s Significant Achievement award.

For many years in the mid-nineties Mike voluntarily joined the Convoys of Hope to Croatia, using his business contacts to provide the transport. He also initiated the introduction of Shop & Drop for the same cause.

As Lynda said: “He is an invaluable member of our fellowship; a true and faithful Rotarian, the life and soul of the party and great guy.”

Congratulations Mike, so very well deserved.

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