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Frozen Dinners

Products Containing Sorghum Alcohol


Cookies & Biscuits

Breads & Buns Crackers Snacks

Bread & Muffin Mixes

DATA PROVIDED BY Label Insight, which collects data on 165,000+ products on U.S. grocery strore shelves, including private label products.

Forgione’s New York City

restaurants have been using sor- ghum for almost three years now. His passion for sorghum derived from its versatility and inclusion in his own dietary needs. He began working with the Checkoff in early 2014 and has become a positive voice for sorghum and its place in today’s food industry. Sorghum can now be found

on menus across the nation. The largest catering company in New York City, Great Performances, has included sorghum as a regular item on its catering menu. Hugo’s, a 30-year favorite Los Angeles restaurant, has made sorghum a preferred side dish option for its customers. The restaurant Mer- chants in Nashville, Tennessee incorporates sorghum syrup in various menu items to provide a unique dining experience.

SORGHUM Grower Fall 2015 Sorghum has also been talked

about on numerous radio stations like the Food Startup Podcasts hosted by Matt Aaron. T is year sorghum appeared in

Southwest Airlines’ Southwest T e Magazine. Checkoff staff created artwork for food-focused advertise- ments touting sorghum’s versatility. Placed in the backseat pocket of every Southwest plane in Ameri- ca during the months of July and August, the advertisements reach millions of people. As 2015 has progressed, more

dietitians have contacted the Chekoff requesting nutritional information. To meet this need, an online nutritional database was created and organized into four diff erent samples of food compo- nents to include glycemic index testing. To date, sorghum is now being

incorporated into approximately 300 diff erent food products.

This information was sourced from Label Insight, which collects data on 165,000+ products on U.S. grocery store shelves, including private label products.

Cake, Cookie & Cupcake Mixes

Energy & Granola Bars

“It’s amazing how public expo-

sure can infl uence and help drive a commodities marketplace in the food sector,” Lopez said.

Stakeholder Buy-in All of the eff ort put forth to estab-

lish a viable food market for sorghum has led to signifi cant stakeholder buy- in and a continued push for further research and development. “T e outreach we’ve seen from

private industry and research in- stitutes has blown myself and the board of directors away,” Bice said. “T e Checkoff has been contacted by at least 30 research institutions to conduct research on health-related items alone.” Bice and Checkoff consultant

Nancy Turner, Ph.D., began col- laboration discussions with re- nowned cardiovascular researcher Jay Zweier, Ph.D., from The Ohio State University for evaluating the heart-related health benefits of sorghum. These areas could in- volve factors such as hypertension, ischemia, diabetes, stroke or other human health issues. Taking research one step further,

Archer Daniel Mills is conducting research on the topic of sprouted grains. More specifi cally ADM is looking at the transition period from seed to grain. T e company has found unique enzymes are being captured during the transition peri- od, and ADM has a specifi c interest in sorghum. Sorghum is also considered as

a protein isolate. Many energy and protein bar companies are looking at the value of concentrating and isolating proteins from sorghum’s natural sources and fortifying them to higher levels. “I believe we are just getting start-

ed in the food world. Sorghum has tremendous value for both consum- ers and producers,” Bice said. “T e Checkoff is working hard to ensure dollars are invested strategically to deliver value to sorghum farmers across the nation.”


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