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Primo makes or distributes – simply supply us with the part number or detailed description. The super-clean primary drives that we use on our ground-up builds and Complete Bike Kits are a combination of the following parts: A Primo 3” belt kit, an Exile Starter Kit (or Bearing Support if kick- start only), a Motor Brace Plate, a Front Pulley Cover and a domed clutch cover (not pictured but shown on virtually every bike).

P-48-76-S Primo 3” open belt kit, includes belt, pulleys and clutch. Pulley offsets available.

ESK Exile Starter Kit

(Softail-style transmissions – not HD 6-speed) $849 A very clean, minimal billet starter-mounting kit that is confined to the transmission. Use it in conjunction with our motor brace plate, or with no motor plate at all. Kit consists of bearing support plate, starter nose, ring gear and jackshaft extension.

EBS Exile Bearing Support – kick-only application (Softail-style transmissions – not HD 6-speed) MBP Motor Brace Plate, no filter option

MBPF Motor Brace Plate, with spin-on filter

$199 $199


This billet aluminum brace plate mounts between the motor and the front two primary case bolt holes on the transmission. It is 3/4” thick, so although it is unobtrusive, it does provide adequate bracing. It can be used in conjunction with the Exile Bearing Support on kick-only bikes, or in conjunction with our Exile Starter Kit.

PC Exile Front Pulley Cover (5” length as used on our bikes)

Custom ‘length’ pulley cover Add

$349 $100

Available in various ‘lengths’ to accommodate different belt widths and offsets. We require the exact dimension from the outer edge of your front pulley to the mounting surface on the motor (or where the pulley cover will attach). We start from a CNC’d billet aluminum ‘rotor cover’ and then fashion the belt guard and side- skirt from 6061 aluminum plate before welding them to the billet piece. The welds are machined and sanded. Supplied in sanded finish. Will not fit 3.5” Primo belt kits.

PP-106-4-NH Aluminum domed clutch cover - very clean!

Page 31: Starters

TC-1-89N2 Tech Products 2.0KW starter motor SC Starter cover, billet

1215-0152 Kicker kit for all 5-speed Softail-style transmissions

1215-0153 Kicker kit for 6-speed Softail-style transmissions (not HD 6-speed)

$449 $125

$699 $699

These kick-start kits include polished billet aluminum end-cover, kick-arm and solid brass kick-pedal.

Page 32: Electrical/Knurled Covers CRK Coil Relocation Kit for TwinCam Softails


HRK Horn Relocation Kit for TwinCam Softails EIS Exile Ignition Switch

$45 $859

Knurled Covers for TwinCam Softails: GCC-S/-P/-B Gas Cap Covers (pair) Satin/Polished/Black Anodize

OBC-S/-P/-B Oil Bag Cap Satin/Polished/Black Anodize

$129/139/149 $43/45/49

Oil Bag Cap replaces stock TC Softail piece and accepts stock rubber ‘bung’ and dipstick

MBC-S/-P/-B Motor Bolt Covers (4) Satin/Polished/Black Anodize

OPSC-S/-P/-B Oil Pressure Switch Cover Satin/Polished/Textured black

TBC-S/-P/-B Transmission Boss Cover Satin/Polished/Textured black


These 4 covers dress-up the bolts that hold the TwinCam engine in the Softail frame.

$39/44/49 $39/44/49

This baby hides the boss on the transmission on a TwinCam Softail when the ‘fake’ frame center-post has been removed – specify 5 or 6-speed transmission.

RAC-S/-P/-B Rear Axle Covers (pair) Satin/Polished/Black Anodize

FAC-S/-P/-B Front Axle Covers (pair) Satin/Polished/Black Anodize

SPC-S/-P/-B Swing-arm Pivot Covers (pair) Satin/Polished/Black Anodize

HL-P Billet Head-light, includes bracket. Polished

HL-B Billet Head-light, includes bracket. Black Anodize

HLL Replacement head-light lens, includes bulb and wiring

TB2 Bracket for stock HD bobbed rear fender (200 width). Black.

$84/89/94 $84/89/94 $84/89/94

Rear Axle, Front Axle and Swing-arm Pivot Covers vary depending on the year of your Softail. Call for availability.

$425 $449 $75 $99

This bracket fits the Harley 200 width bobbed Softail rear fender and accepts the Black License Plate Surround, a pair of Lazer Star turn-signals and the Exile LED tail-light– all sold separately.

BLPS Black License Plate Surround (powder-coated metal)


LSA-P/-B/-C Lazer Star with amber LEDs, sold individually - Polished/Black Anodize/Chrome

LSR-P/-B/-C Lazer Star with red LEDs, sold individually - Polished/Black Anodize/Chrome

LED Exile LED mini-catseye tail-light, polished

LEDB Exile LED mini-catseye tail-light on an under-sized black axle-mount bracket

$99 $99 $99


$115/129/129 $149


SMS Raw steel side-mount bracket, small (3”x 6”) $49 SMFL Black powder-coated side-mount bracket, full-size, with universal tail-light and black license plate surround


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