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These fenders measure 27.5” in diameter, which means they will sit approximately ¾” from the surface of most rear tires. This makes them especially perfect for rigids with wide rear rubber. They are available in widths from 8” to 11”. Popular sizes are kept in stock – call for availability. 9” widths are perfect for most 200 series tires, 10.5” widths for 230 or 240 tire, and 11” widths for a 250 tire.

FT Front Trojan

CFF Composite Front Fender, 6.5” wide, supplied as shown but easily trimmed to length/shape

CRF Composite Rear Fender, 9” wide, perfect for 200 tire in stock Softail swing-arm

$399 $299 $399

RSD1 9” steel fender with black steel bolt-on struts, 90-07 Softails (chrome struts on request)

RSD2 9” steel fender with black steel bolt-on struts, 07-up Softails (chrome struts on request)

HRFK Heartland Rear Fender Kit - includes 9.5" steel fender, leather solo seat, billet aluminum fender struts and steel splashguard

Page 24: Seats

LSSMTC Leaf–spring seat mechanism to mount LePera solo seat to TwinCam Softail

SAT Seat area trim, TwinCam Softail, black

ESM Exile Seat Mechanism, with shock, mounts, tabs and hardware

$349 $49


This system uses a small shock absorber under the seat to provide suspension on a rigid frame. It cannot be used unless you have a round oil tank as the shock interferes with the conventional horse- shoe style tank. The mechanism comes with the necessary weld- on mounts for the frame. Works great with LePera solo seats.

L100 Le Pera seat base, raw steel, compatible with LSSMTC and ESM

L105 Le Pera solo seat, compatible with LSSMTC and ESM, no skirt

L107 Le Pera seat, compatible with LSSMTC and ESM, with skirt

ESB Exile seat base, raw steel $125 $189

$189 $99

This raw steel seat base is designed to be a perfect fit for the seat triangle area on our rigid frames, but it also makes a great starting point for a seat for most other custom rigid (or Softail) applications.

Page 25: Kickstands KSA Stainless steel kickstand with weld-on tab

KSA-TC Stainless steel kickstand with black billet clamp for TwinCam Softails

$249 $399

Compatible with a stock primary, the clamp engages the frame cross-member to prevent any possible rotation, and kickstand position is adjustable – both in the up and down position.

$599 $599 $2,199

Page 26:

Foot Controls

FC Forward controls, no kick-stand holes, no master cylinder, rubber peg inserts

Add ‘H’ to part number for kickstand holes

Add ‘M’ to part number for master-cylinder (5/8” bore)

Add ‘C’ to part number for foot-clutch option

Add ‘R’ to part number for slotted pedals and bored pegs (Racy!)

Add ‘K’ to part number for knurled pegs (foot and toe-pegs)

Add ‘E’ to part number for Extended Forward Controls

Add ‘S’ to part number for Shortened Forward Controls

Adds Adds Adds $799 N/C $50 $50 $50 N/C N/C N/C

Extended and Shortened Forward Controls can NOT be ordered with kickstand holes, or master-cylinder. Forward Controls are supplied in polished aluminum finish, but scotchbrite/brushed/satin finish can be requested at no charge.

Add ‘B’ to part number for black anodized finish Adds RFR Replacement foot-peg rubber (pair)

RCR Replacement complete set foot-peg (2) and toe-peg (2) rubbers

$75 $30


These forward controls will bolt to standard mounting location on virtually all custom frames, as well as stock pre-2000 Softail frames. To mount our forward controls (or any other ‘evolution- era’ forwards) to a TwinCam Softail or Dyna you will need to use our adapter plates. FCAP Forward Control Adapter Plates for TwinCam Softail frame


FCAP-FC Adapter Plates for TwinCam Softail frame with Foot Clutch option

FCAP-D Forward Control Adapter Plates for Dyna frame

$174 $99

We are often asked how we integrate the brakes on some of our bikes with front and rear brakes operated by the foot-pedal. These bikes are running a ¾” master-cylinder and we simply run two brake-lines using a double banjo bolt – one line to the front caliper, one to the rear. The front braking system itself is proportionally stronger than the rear on most bikes. YOU must decide for yourself if integrated braking is safe/smart/legal for your application. DBB Double banjo bolt with built in brake-light switch




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