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Please call 818 706 1230 to order. A few of our parts are available online, but in most cases we require information from you to ensure your order is correct. Simple questions can be handled by e-mail but detailed enquiries are much easier by phone. DON’T BE SHY – GIVE US A CALL!

We ship worldwide every day. Most packages, domestic and international, are shipped via US Priority Air Mail. Occasionally, UPS may be a more cost effective carrier. For larger shipments (engines, bike kits, bikes) we frequently use UPS Supply Chain Solutions.

We accept Master Card , Visa, PayPal, Cashier’s Check or Money Order. Pre-payment by personal check is possible; we will ship once the check has cleared. All special orders and special fabrication require a non-refundable 50% minimum deposit.

No returns without prior authorization. 20% re-stocking fee charged on all returned items. Open packaging may be liable for a re-finishing and re-packaging charge.

HD, Softail, Sportster, Dyna, and all other registered trademarks of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Inc., as well as any model designations are used in this catalog for reference purposes only. All trademarks listed in this catalog are the property of their respective owners.

NOTE: All products sold by “Exile Cycles” are intended for use on “Custom Show Bikes” only, and may be illegal or unsafe for use on any public streets or highways. Exile Cycles disclaims any and all warranties of merchantability or that products are fit for any particular purpose.


We are only able to build a limited number of complete bikes each year. We are only interested in building bikes that we would be proud to put the “Exile” name on. We have a very narrow design ethic – all our machines are clean and tough. This may sound like arrogance or bad business, but it’s this dedication to our ‘art’ that has got us this far.

Our bikes fall into two categories; “scratch-built” Specials, or Harley “make-overs” Scratch-Built Specials - shown on pages 2-7

These ‘ground-up’ bikes are built from scratch using an Exile frame and Exile parts throughout. Other than engines, transmissions and some electrical components we make almost every component for a bike. Almost any of our ‘models’ can also be created as a Trike. It is possible to mix-and-match style components from different bikes so we can build your Exile your way. You may like a particular bike we have built, but you might want different bars, or turn-signals, or a foot-clutch, or whatever, on your machine. These are NOT the only bikes we can offer. We are always available to discuss a new project in great detail. Unless you are a California customer your Special will come

with an Exile VIN number and a ‘Certificate of Origin for a Vehicle’ that your DMV (or equivalent) will use to issue title. Alternatively, we can supply a separate ‘Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin’ for the frame, the engine and the transmission. The Specials pictured in this book (and others) are all shown

on our website ( along with pricing and complete parts lists.

Our Specials start around $45,000 and certain trikes may cost as much as $70,000.

Harley Make-overs - shown on pages 8-11

These bikes start life as a Harley Davidson Softail or Dyna and are transformed by replacing many of the stock HD parts with Exile parts. The number of parts replaced and the level of fabrication work involved varies between projects, as does the amount of paint, powder-coat and other finishes required. Some bikes are literally stripped to a bare frame, whereas other bikes involve zero fabrication and are completely “bolt-on” propositions. These are NOT the only bikes we can offer. We are always available to discuss a new project in great detail. You can bring your Harley to us, but we are also experts at

sourcing the perfect ‘donor’ bike for your project at a great price – whether it be new or used. These bikes carry a HD title, and as such are easy to

register and insure. The Harleys pictured in this book (and others) are all

shown on our website ( along with pricing and complete parts lists. The cost of a Harley from Exile is simply the price of the ‘donor’ bike, plus the price of the transformation.

Bikes are built to order, but occasionally used bikes may be available on our website under CURRENT INVENTORY



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