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Three reasons to watch… London Road

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+ Cathy Madavan and Diane Louise Jordan are touring this month with Mum’s the Word, an evening of encouragement, inspiration and insight for all mums. See them

in Liverpool (5th), Oxford (6th), Cheltenham (7th), Maidenhead (8th), Cambridge (13th), Eastbourne (14th) and Croydon (15th). More details: Tel: 029 2081 0800.

It’s unique In 2006, five women working as prostitutes were murdered in London Road, Ipswich. The entire script of this original musical is taken from the mouths of the murderer’s neighbours. Known as a quiet, rural town, this small community reels as it is redefined by this man’s actions. The emotional journey of the real residents of London Road is presented with unique integrity, complete with ums, likes and you knows.

It’s true to life The film’s honesty doesn’t just stem from its verbatim script: the direction and editing highlight the contradictions of human nature. Residents hate being labelled as a bad area, but are quick to judge the prostitutes as bad people. They are at once horrified and fascinated by the culprit. They are frustrated and tantalised by the scandal. As much as we might want to distance ourselves from their sometimes inappropriate reactions, perhaps they give voice to tensions we all experience. “Could have been next door to you”, comes the chanted refrain that leaves us wondering.

It’s stirring

Hope rises as the community unites to reinvent the road’s identity. And yet, those on the fringe are kept at a distance. What sort of community do we want to be a part of? Do we want to be known for our purity or our mercy? The story aches for justice and compassion – for someone to enter London Road who is able to bring both.

+ London Road is released on DVD this autumn Holly Price is a freelance writer and editor based in Southampton

chocolate? Love

Look out for chocolate tasting and chocolate making events around the country during

chocolate week (12th–18th) 8 October 2015 womanalive

+ Enjoy popular music and chat with Jonathan Veira, touring this month in Camberwell (2nd), Farnborough (3rd), Staines Upon Thames (10th), Somerton (16th), Truro (17th),Clacton-on- Sea (24th) and Eastbourne (31st). More details from

+ Joy Davidman is known principally as the wife of C S Lewis, but she was also a mother, a novelist and activist. Learn more about the woman “who captivated C S Lewis” in a new literary biography – Joy, by Abigail Santamaria (SPCK ISBN 978 0 281 07427 3).

+ For your chance to win a copy, turn to page 44.

App of the month Our choice: Google Maps

Cost: Free

Compatible with: iPhone (requires iOS 7.0 or later) and Android

This widely used app is a must-have – no frantic hunting for the next page when navigating or trying to memorise a route before leaving the house; all the routes that you need are right inside your phone. Google Maps has a Sat Nav ‘navigate’ mode, which you can switch on after you have calculated your journey’s route. Whilst driving it tells you which routes are congested, and how to get to your destination in the quickest time. This is not only great for car users, but also any mode of transport, as bus and train times are programmed into the app, enabling you to see the fastest route via public transport.

Favourite feature: You can save frequently visited locations to the map, making it easier to plan your future journeys.

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