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us in our weakness and our struggles, if we just let Him. Jackie, Liverpool

The Importance of

Church Many thanks to Elaine Storkey for her reminder of the importance of belonging to – and attending – a local church (August). Modern life is so busy that it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important, and if we’re not careful we can develop a worldly, consumerist approach to our church-going. Sometimes we become too focused on what we get out of church, instead of seeing it as an opportunity to support and encourage our fellow believers.

perspective. I wish I had had this book a few years ago when times were much harder. Now that things are easier financially, I want to develop better habits and to learn to live below my means. I think I have started well with this ‘free’ book! Jackie, Tonbridge

You can be your Jesus told his followers that

we would be recognisable as his disciples by the love we have for each other (John 13:35). Society needs to see this love being lived out amidst the complications of our modern world; but it’s hard to see how this will happen unless we choose to prioritise meeting, worshipping and growing together. Fiona, Horsforth

Good Advice I just wanted to thank you for

my copy of The Financially Confident Woman (June giveaway). It is very inspiring, but woven together with good advice and a Christian

We visited the Pilgrims’ Kitchen in Bury St Edmunds Cathedral (June) and had a really delicious two-course meal. Thank you for reporting on it. We are only 15 miles away and did not know it was there. We can now highly recommend it. Joy, Facebook

own hairdresser I have just read Penelope Wilcock’s article Getting to grips with money (August). My dad cut our families’ hair when were children, but as we grew older, my mum started to have her hair cut shorter at a salon. When I was in my early teens, I too decided to have my hair cut short and mum took me to the same salon. Whilst I was charged child price, the cost didn’t seem too bad but, at 18, when I left for university, I was shocked at how much it would cost to keep having my hair cut short. I also sometimes came away disappointed at what the hairdresser had ‘done to my hair’, so I decided to grow it long again.

When my fringe grew too long I bought two pairs of hair dressing scissors (One straight and one thinning pair) from a pharmacy for under £5. Now

nearly 15 years later I still use those same pairs of scissors to cut my own and my four children’s hair, along with electric clippers for my son and husband’s hair. I’ve had my hair short/ long,

fringe/ no fringe and all sorts of styles and have learnt many simple techniques over the years. (A friend of mine who also cuts her own hair, says there are heaps of YouTube tutorials on how to perfect different styles.) We must save hundreds of pounds a year between the six of us by not going to the salon and it also saves the stresses of trying to fit in salon trips for everyone. Give it a try Penelope – you might just find that you can both enjoy having a style you like along with saving the pounds! Sarah, Ipswich

Great Read I have just finished reading

Max Lucado’s book Miracle at the Higher Grounds Café. To say that I enjoyed it is an understatement! I loved every minute of it and could hardly put it down. It gave me such an insight as to the role angels play in our lives. I am always looking for new books with a strong Christian

message and among my favourite authors are Lynn Austin, Lauraine Snelling and Melody Carlson to name a few. Thank you so much for Amy’s recommendation. Marianne, Isle of Skye


Ministry I was interested to read about the Freedom Community Project in Bolsover (June) as I attend a local group called CAMEO (Come and Meet Each Other).

I am so grateful for being

introduced to this group, as it has helped me and several of my friends to cope after being widowed. We meet fortnightly in the

church hall for a cooked lunch and then enjoy quizzes, talks, films, games or chat, and then afternoon tea and cakes – all for £3.50. I have met so many new people and so admire the hard working volunteers from our local church (many who are in their eighties) who make it possible. Joan, Bude

Looking for love? You’re preaching to the choir —

Join the Friends1st off-line Christian dating community, where everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.

Call: 0208 454 7810

Word to Remember 1 Kings

chapter 17 v 12–24 womanalive October 2015 41




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