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Tried and Tested

Compassion Sunday

A presentation for

Rachel Leathers has been sponsoring a child through Compassion for four years and last year did a presentation for her church to mark Compassion Sunday

and received another pack. This one included a big Compassion Sunday board, poster and leaflets explaining all about the charity and how people can get involved. I also received five child sponsorship profiles that would enable people to choose and sponsor one of those children on the spot. I set to work putting together my presentation and stood


hen I received the e-mail asking if I would like to be part of the Compassion Sunday event, it took me a while to decide whether it was something I really wanted to do. After all, I give a lot of money, time and prayer to my sponsored child

and I had already taken part in an event in 2011. I found myself in a sort of battle with God. I remember saying something like, “But God, I’ve already done it once and I didn’t know what I was talking about. Do you really want me to humiliate myself again?” Back came the reply: “Rachel, I know you love me and that’s

why I want you to share this message.” Rats! I thought, as I felt the all-too-familiar sensation of peace and courage when I know that God has spoken. So, after weeks of post-it reminders and prayer procrastinations (I had to make absolutely sure I’d heard him right), I finally got round to sending off for my volunteer pack. I received it within a week and was actually so thrilled to receive it that I didn’t even open my package from Amazon! It arrived within a week and contained a booklet of facts and

information about Compassion, a DVD to show at the event, and a registration form to make my event official. I took the pack on holiday with me and made notes whilst watching the DVD. Although it was only three minutes long, the film moved me to tears and I was suddenly brought to my knees in prayer for the children who live in poverty. I thanked God that the child I sponsor can find hope and love through the project that my money enables her to attend. After agreeing a date with my church, I registered my event

in front of the mirror practising what I was going to say. The minister (my mum as it turns out) had allotted me 10 to 15 minutes, and I was both excited and nervous as it dawned on me just how much of an impact it could have on the lives of children overseas. On the day of the presentation I was racked with nerves. The

projector and the laptop had been set up the day before, and I’d gone through with the minister exactly what I was going to do. As I sat in the pew in my Compassion T-shirt (from a previous year), people started looking at me and I began to wish I could disappear. I almost felt like telling the minister there’d been a mistake and I couldn’t actually go through with it, but I told myself “You’re stuck now. You’d better just get on with it.” I prayed for calm and that my talk would positively impact people. And then it was time. I told the huge congregation (it was

a baptism service, no less) all about the work of Compassion, about my sponsored child Katherine and how we receive and send letters to one another. I explained how my money was enabling Katherine to learn about relationships, hygiene, jobs and ambitions and, most importantly, how to have a spiritual relationship with God. Thanks to all the information I had received, I was able to relate exactly where the money goes and how often the children attend these programmes. We watched the DVD and I truly believe it touched most people. I felt privileged to have been part of such a scheme and to

know that I was one of hundreds of people, speaking about the need to give children living in poverty a future and a hope. + To find out more about the work of Compassion call 01932 836490 or visit

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