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Date Received Approved Market Segment Account #

Domestic Trade Application Please fillout in itsentirety. IndicateN/Aifnot applicable.

Legal Name of Business: DBA: Billing Address:

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Street City

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Website: DoyouconsideryourbusinesstobeapartoftheChristianMarketortheGeneralMarket?(Pleasecircleone) Are you a member of CBA? NO YES #

Are you a member of ABA? Are you associatedwith another business that has an accountwithHarvestHouse? NO YESAccount#

Type ofAccount forWhichYou AreApplying Please select the one thatmost closely fits your business.

Retail Accounts (check one)

Brick andMortar Bookstore (including Church Bookstores) Abusiness that resells products to the general public as a bookstore in a fixed locationwith an external sign and entrance, that is open to the public a minimumof 30 hours perweek, andwhose book andBible sales are greater than35%of total revenue.

GeneralRetailer (Describe: ) A businessthat resells

products to the general public in a fixed locationwith an external store sign and entrance, that is open to the gen- eral public aminimumof 30 hours perweek,whose book andBible sales are less than35%of total revenue,and is thereforeNOTconsidered to be abookstore (examples: gift shop,pharmacy, generalmerchandise).

InternetRetailerAbusinessthatusestheinternettocontactthepublicandreceives100%ofitssalesviatheinter- net. Thisbusinessmustwarehouseanddistributeordersreceivedfromitscustomerbase. HarvestHousewillnot drop ship orders for internet retailers. Additional Requirements: Established, independent, fully functional website with the ability to purchase directly and immediatelyfromthesite(i.e.a“shoppingcart”).

CatalogCompany Abusiness that useanyprintedmediato contact thepublicand receivesover80%of its sales via the telephone, fax, or mail (example: cataloger). AdditionalRequirements: Physicalcopyofcatalogorprintedmediamustaccompanyapplication.


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