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Priceless Vol 10 Number 2

Personal and Professional Empowerment

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White House Photos of the Month

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Justice Department Awards Over $23M For Body Worn Camera Pilot Program

Newport News Sheriff’s Department Receives $209,944

John Coltrane Jazz and Blues Festival

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A History Lesson for Dr. Ben Carson

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White House Initiative Creates Opportunities for HBCUs

Free October 2015


WASHINGTON – of President

transparency enforcement

and communities they


commitment to building trust and law

Attorney General Loretta Justice Department

the E.

Lynch today announced that the


awarded grants totaling more than $23.2 million to 73 local and tribal agencies in 32 states to expand the use of body-worn cameras

and explore 2015 includes their

impact. The body-worn camera pilot program announced in May


million to purchase body-worn cameras, $2 million for training and

technical assistance and

$1.9 million to examine the impact of their use. The grants, awarded by the department’s Office of Justice Programs (OJP), build

on President

Obama’s proposal to purchase 50,000 body-worn cameras

Obama’s between serve,

for law enforcement agencies within three years.

is designed

“This vital pilot program to assist local

jurisdictions that are interested in exploring and expanding the use of body-worn cameras in order to enhance transparency, accountability and credibility,” said Attorney General Lynch. “The impact of body-worn cameras touches on a range of outcomes that build upon efforts to mend the fabric of trust, respect and common purpose that all communities need to thrive.”

The grants, which require

a 50/50 in-kind or cash match, can be used to purchase equipment applicants

and require implementation

establish a strong plan


robust training policy before purchasing cameras.

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Our Faith Editorial

Why We Cannot Afford to Waste Another Vote The Thief And The Shepherd

Money Matters Hampton Roads Upcoming Events Scholarships Watch

Governments Cracking Down on Fraudulent Mortgage Practices Delta Foundation Job Skills Workshop

The Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship Financial Freedom Workshop

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12 13 15

that a


agency awarded a grant is BODY WORN CAMERA PAGE 11

Vice President Joe Biden speaks at HBCU Week Conference. Photo by HRM staff



HBCU All-Stars attend HBCU Week Conference. Technology, White House Initiative for the on

Historically Black Colleges and Universities hosted a conference for HBCU Week. The

2015 HBCU Week

Conference was "HBCUs: Innovators for Future Success" and there was no shortage of successful attendees. HBCU presidents, other university personnel and students selected as HBCU All-Stars all took part in the two day conference which focused on Science,

Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), partnerships and entrepreneur.

The HBCU Week conference consisted of workshops, receptions, luncheons and plenty of opportunities to network with individuals who have a vested interest in the success of HBCUs. The United Negro College Fund hosted a reception and the UNCF president participated in a panel discussion titled “A Crucial Conversation about the Value of STEM, Partnership and Entrepreneurship.”


From Coupons to Cash Back: Tips on Choosing and Using Bank ‘Rewards’

Bank rewards programs tied to credit or debit cards or other products can provide you with appealing offers for things such as points to be used for travel and shopping or cash added to your account. But finding great deals is only half of the equation.

"It's important for consumers to

understand that to make the most of any rewards program, they need to make sure that they do not overlook other, more important account features in addition to the rewards," said Susan Boenau, Chief of the FDIC's Consumer Affairs Section.

Before jumping Comparison into any rewards

program, consider these tips for maximizing the potential benefits and minimizing mistakes.

shop different rewards

programs, including their fees and other costs, before deciding to apply for one. One credit card or deposit account might offer seemingly terrific rewards but also charge fees that may negate the rewards. So it's important to take a look at other products (such as a rewards card without an annual fee) and weigh the costs and benefits of each one.

Choose a rewards program that fits your

lifestyle. The best way to maximize benefits and avoid spending problems is to choose a program that rewards you for purchases or deposits you would make even without the gifts.

"You may want to think about rewards programs in terms of reaching your goals, because

each one has different features,"

Boenau added. "For example, if you are BANK ‘REWARDS’ PAGE 5

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