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A first for the Commonwealth The province scored a Commonwealth first when its legislature, prodded by Nellie McClung, awarded this basic human right to adult females.

Myrna Driedger

by Saskatchewan in March 1916 and Alberta in April 1917. Ontario suffragists, after many years of struggle, celebrated their hard-won victory one week later. This coming Jan. 28, in celebration of this pivotal milestone in history, the Nellie McClung Foundation in partnership with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights will be hosting a centennial gala: celebrating 100 Years of Manitoba Women’s Right to Vote. McClung spirit lives on


This once-in-a-lifetime event will be held at the RBC Convention Centre, Winnipeg, and feature fine food and entertainment. A highlight of the evening’s pro- gram will be the presentation of the inaugural Nellie Awards, honouring Nellie McClung’s vision by recog- nizing Manitoba women who have followed Nellie Mc- Clung’s footsteps through their work in social justice, women’s and human rights. As the founder of the Nellie McClung Foundation,

which was created through a private member’s bill in 2003, I am so happy to see these events unfold. The purpose of the foundation was twofold: one purpose

u 5 'Women's vote' Nellie McClung gave Manitoba women the first vote. Hearing loss can affect lives

Knowing when to seek a hearing assessment is key to maintaining a healthy social lilfe. Don't live in isolation because you can't hear.

Bob Turner

per cent of the population over 75. All of us have some degree of difficulty hearing in noisy sit- uations. However, a majority of us dismiss the increased difficul- ty as we age. Age related hear- ing loss typically develops over a period of 15 to 20 years. The


earing loss affects 30 per cent of the popu- lation over 65 and 50

slow decline in hearing is unno- ticed day to day but eventually through family pressure or indi- vidual recognition, there comes a point where the loss is inter- fering with social need and a hearing assessment is obtained. Hearing is measured for a va-

riety of tones of varying pitch or frequency. The most common finding in age-related hearing loss is a loss of high frequency sensitivity. This creates a loss of

clarity. A common statement from many patients is they hear fine … they just don’t catch what you said. Hearing may remain near normal in the low frequencies where we perceive the volume of voice but the loss of the high frequency sensitivity results in the loss of clarity of many of the consonant sounds such as “s”’ “sh”, “th”. Difficulty hearing conversa-

u 4 'Hearing'

Burton Cummings, Neil Young, John Einar- son and Randy Bachman. Supplied photo.

By John Einarson D

id you know that two of the greatest cowboy songs of all time were com- posed by a Winnipegger? And did

you know that North America’s foremost authority on folk music

was born in Winnipeg? He’s also the inspi- ration for Oscar the Grouch. Bet you didn’t know that a Winnipeg rock ‘n’ roll band sold more records in 1970 alone than the entire Canadian recording industry combined to that point and even played at the White House. Or that Quebec’s most beloved music star is actu- ally from Manitoba. For a province that ac- counts for roughly 3.6 per cent of Canada’s population, Manitoba has produced a surpris- ing number of music stars and innovators. In fact, Manitoba recording artists account for far in excess of 100 million recordings sold worldwide.

The swinging sixties In the 1960s, Winnipeg was the acknowl-

edged rock ‘n’ roll capital of Canada. A thriv- ing music scene centred on neighbourhood community clubs and teen nightclubs became the spawning ground for the likes of interna- tional superstar Neil Young, the Guess Who, Randy Bachman and Bachman-Turner Over- drive, and Burton Cummings,among others. But Winnipeg was more than just about rock

u 5 'music'

n Jan. 28, 1916, Manitoba women became the first in Canada to win the right to vote and to hold provincial office. They were followed

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Remembering Winnipeg’s musical roots

Not that long ago, Winnipeg was the music Mecca of Canada.

For Canadians who know they are

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