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Come with me to Britain next April

Dorothy Dobbie Cambridge University Botanic Garden.

Harewood House, seen from the garden. S

pringtime is the most magical sea- son in Britain. I can’t think of any- where better to be as we await the

awakening of our own gardens here at home.

That’s why I was thrilled when CAA Manitoba asked me to host a garden tour there. I chose very last week of April, from the 21 to the 29th, a time few get to visit the gardens in Britain because travellers are focused on May. I am so excited to see everything in the freshness of early spring and going at this time will give us a chance to enjoy a preview of the loveliness to come and still be home in time to get all the best plants on sale here in early May. In Britain, all the fruit trees and bulbs

will be in bloom. The air will be scented with lily-of-the-valley, lilac and the love- ly matthiola (evening scented stock). Carnations will add spice to the air and allium will be standing tall and stately among the poppies and Canterbury bells. The rhododendrons will be blaz- ing with colour and Castle Howard (we get a private tour before it opens to the public) will be brilliant with forsythia and magnolias. We will get to visit mysterious Sher-

wood Forest, home of Robin Hood, and to see the medieval caves and the ancient oak trees. Majestic Harwood House, built be-

tween 1759 and 1771, has magnificent formal gardens as well as some stunning water features. The Savil garden is one of the finest gardens in Britain and we will be there when the daffodils and lady’s slippers are in bloom, not to mention to azaleas and rhododendron. Have you ever seen a full grown shrub of white rhodos taller than your head? It’s breathtaking. Did I mention our visit to Windsor

Castle or to Wisely, home of the Royal Horticulture Society?

Heading north, we visit the outstand-

ing Cambridge University Botanic Gar- den and then we are off to Yorkshire, where we stop by the lovely walled gar- dens of Helmsley Castle. At the end of our journey, we travel

up to Scotland and go to the Royal Bo- tanic Gardens in Edinburgh. They are worth a trip all by themselves. These are just a few of the highlights

of what will be a wonderful journey that you will remember for a lifetime. And of course, we will be traveling with the loveliest people on earth – other garden- ers.

It’s a leisurely tour with lots of time to enjoy yourself. I am really hoping you will join me,

but be sure and book early as the spaces are filing up quickly. See the ad on the next page for who to call.

Last, but very exciting, the rock garden at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh.

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The garden at Windsor Castle is on the tour.

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