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Sue 1. I stay West. I’ve just moved. I like to support local

stuff. 2. Personally I think, living in Titirangi, we lost. There is very little tree trimming and general maintenance but really I didn’t notice much change. 3. I think native plants and trees. 4. Rottweiler and poodle. Watch it eat its own fluffy tail.

5. I would have a 70s vintage Mercedes in gold but I actually now own an electric car.

Karen 1. Deco in the village. We don’t go out a lot. I haven’t

been in the city for a couple of years. It’s a mission. 2. Definitely lost. We’ve ended up with four times the bureaucrats but nothing gets done. Building permits are a joke. There is so much red tape. 3. Proud to be a Westie t-shirts and surf boards. 4. I have that already. Retriever cross hunt-away. He does what he’s told plus big, black and scary. 5. I’d go for it. A Holden. Black. V8. Oh yeah.

Chris 1. Stay West. Titirangi or New Lynn. I quite like a lot of

restaurants in New Lynn. 2. I think we have lost. Not sure what we have gained on a city level but on a Waitakere level we have lost a huge amount. Communication with the council. Far too many bureaucrats. We have lost that first name relationship. 3. I would be selling native walks and tours. Get-away spaces. Retreats. 4. I love a hunt-away. I’d cross with a Smithfield – a hairy Scottish sheep dog. The best barking bloody dog I have ever had. 5. I would be responsible. A Tesla. The car is 100% electric and drives like a Porsche. I’d have a red one. With swamp kauri panelling.

Staff from Mulcahy Engineering came out in force recently to help the Whau River Catchment Trust with its work restoring 1.5km of walkway along the Whau River. Along with volunteers from the local community, they formed a bucket line and moved 40 cubic metres of wood chip mulch around 2,000 young native plants. The Trust has an active presence along the banks of the Whau River, working with schools, local businesses and the community clearing pollution from the waterway and planting, mulching and maintaining new plantings of native trees.

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1. I work in a bar out West so I tend to stay there after work. 2. When we had a Mayor he seemed really involved. 3. Weed. 4. A chocolate labrador with a border collie. 5. Volkswagen combi.

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