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It’s five years since Waitakere City was forced into the so-called ‘SuperCity’. We asked DAVID THIELE to find out whether we’re still Westies at heart. His questions are below:

1. Where do you like to go to meet up with friends? 2. Did we lose or gain when we became part of the SuperCity?

3. What type of shop would you open on Ponsonby Road to reflect West Auckland? 4. To create the perfect mongrel dog, what two breeds would you cross?

5. In an ideal world with money no object, what make and colour vehicle would be your daily drive?

Rex 1. The West. Not always but often The Hardware Cafe

or Lai Thai. It’s very good. If I have a glass of wine my wife will drive. 2. Lost. Our ‘local’ government is too distant. They’re not responsive to real issues. A disregard for what the people really want. There’s an insensitivity. 3. Either wine or high quality art. Perhaps a combination. 4. Labrador and poodle. Mines a cracker. Just a nice natured dog. 5. It would need a tow bar. Room for the dog in the back. Go for at least 15 years. About a 2000cc on petrol.

Chelsea 1. Depends on the day of

the week. If it’s pay day, the city. More inclined to go into the city. 2. We gained a few more

people. Out by

Westgate they’re putting in a hundred more shops. Massive growth. 3. Open a piercing tattoo place. 4. Rottweiler and Dogue de Bordeux (French mastiff). 5. Holden ute. My Dad had one. Green or perhaps a Prius.


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Andy 1.

Stay in the West. I’m

ex-military and just can’t be bothered with the city mess. Titirangi or New Lynn. 2. I think it was a good thing. It’s taken a while. I assumed it would be easy but the regions are

still hanging

on. We have lost some of our identity but remnants of the old council are still holding on to their little bits of power. 3. Creative things. Show-case what we can do. Clothes. Market stuff. Unique and hand-made. 4. Golden retriever with a long-haired German Shepherd. 5. Aston Martin DB5

Tess 1. I’m more likely to go

locally but actually I’ll go into the city at least once a month. 2. I haven’t given that a lot of thought so I don’t have a clue. 3. Natural, home made food. I may split the shop and also sell local label clothing and crafts. 4. I quite like Staffies. Not sure on the other dog. I’m not sure of their names. 5. Oh, that’s easy, a yellow Mini. Love them. We still play, got ya, yellow car.

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