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The Story of Jingles by Jingles This book is based on the true story of a real life rescue dog, comes in a gift set along with a STUFFED ANIMAL and Operation ResCUTE sticker. 100% of the profi ts will go towards helping shel- ter dogs get adopted. October is National

Adopt-A-Dog Month. Recommended for ages 4-8. (Published by Operation ResCUTE, paperback, 24 pages, $29.99).

Joyohboy:Raising Peaceful Kids Series (Love Is the Moon, the Stars, and the Sky / Life is a Rain- bow) Written by Kathy Walsh Illustrated by Veronica Swain The message of these books is to teach kids to approach the world in a loving, peaceful way, and to carry that love with them every day. Each book includes pages in the back with fun activities for parents to do with their chil- dren to reinforce these messages. Recom- mended for ages 2-8. (Published by Cre- ateSpace, paper cover, $12 each, 2013).

Monday at JellyRoll Dog Park Written by Jennifer Schreiber Illustrated by John LaFree Muttley, who is new in the JellyRoll Dog Park, is consoled by his guardian angel, Daisy Mae the bulldog, when he is bullied by the other dogs. It is through discovering his own strengths that Muttley is able to rise above the bullying and earn the respect of the other dogs. Recom-

mended for ages 4 -8. (Published by Inkshares, hardcover, 32 pages, $18, September 2015).

Guion the Lion: A Colorful World by Rebecca Wilson Macsovits Guion the Lion is a rainbow-colored lion who stands out in a world of black and white. When he helps others, the world be- comes a brighter, more colorful place for everyone. Great message! Recommended for ages 2-8. (Published by Inspire on Pur- pose, hardcover, 32 pages, $16.95, 2014).

Funky Little Monkey by Debbie Buttar Illustrated by Christopher Davis A funky little monkey who loves to disco dance is laughed at because he is different from the other monkeys. But the little mon- key stays true to himself and fi nds others who think his dancing is great! Recommended for

ages 2-8. (Published by GMEC paper cover, 18 pages, $14.99, April 2015). Visit us online for more great

news, articles, and tips! west virginia Familyplus Magazine Sep/Oct 2015 15

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