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Everyone appeared to enjoy the show and it was very clear that the birds were treated well and enjoyed performing.

were introduced to Georges, a green wing Macaw who fancied himself a bit of a bell ringer. Fernando, the Military Macaw was next to show off his skills and rode backwards and forwards on a tiny parrot bike much to the delight of the audience. The grand finale was a very regal looking Blue front Amazon being pulled across the stage in a Roman style carriage, on reaching her destination she climbed into a little parrot bed and pulled the covers up, all tucked in and ready for sleep. Not that she could have slept amidst the rapturous applause, mainly from the strange English family sitting right at the front! Everyone appeared to enjoy the show and it was very clear that the birds were treated well and enjoyed performing. They were all in excellent condition and it was obvious that there was mutual respect between the trainer and the parrots. Those quick to criticise parrots used in these kind of shows might like to consider the time and attention involved in the training process, these birds lead a varied and stimulated lifestyle, which in my eyes is preferable to a life spent alone in a cage. My only misgiving would be that the people watching the shows might not realise the time and effort needed to train parrots to this level. If they were tempted to go home and buy a

parrot based on what they had seen, they might well be disappointed. Our only other encounter with parrots in Majorca this year was a pair of Cockatiels who were chirping and whistling away happily on a veranda in a privately owned home which we passed every day, they too were enjoying the beautiful Majorcan sunshine. Every year we look forward to our family holiday, a time to spend together and the opportunity to escape the daily routines of work, housework and the responsibilities of looking after a houseful of parrots and poodles. Strangely though I always miss the animals almost as soon as we leave, (the many sad eyes following our progress out the door really doesn’t help) but seeing all of these beautiful parrots in Majorca was like finding a little piece of home tucked away in paradise.



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