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of organisms of hundreds of thousands of species and forms of species. Each of these gut species is likely to be exclusive to that particular individual animal species. So we humans have this vastly complex soup of special organisms inside us that co-evolved with humans and can only live inside us…. AND NOWHERE ELSE! There are 10 times as many cells in our gut as there are in the rest of our entire body. The human gut microbiome is by far our biggest organ.

Inside the guts of all animals are hundreds of thousands of genes belonging to the gut bacteria and other organisms that affect the development and wellbeing of the host animal. This is true for humans and budgies alike. SO bung some antibiotics down your budgies’ throats and you may just do all sorts of damage that may indirectly over time lead to the illness or death of your birds. You might be unbalancing your budgies’ gut microbiomes (a microbiome is sort of like an internal ecosystem) such that all hell breaks loose. Yes, the antibiotic may well kill the one diagnosed disease but it will almost certainly kill all sorts of other good or useful organisms as well. New research clearly indicates that it is the BALANCE of species of organisms in animals’ guts that is essential for ongoing health. Even ‘bad’ organisms are essential (in small numbers) for good health.

Antibiotics kill a wide number of organisms and thus destabilise your gut. Perhaps you could compare this to spraying another ecosystem, the

Serengeti National Park in Tanzania in Africa, with Roundup to control a pasture weed. Doing this would kill the native grasses as well which would starve the Wildebeest, Zebras etc to death; which would then cause the Lions, Hyenas, Leopards, Vultures and many other carnivores to starve…..and on it goes. We humans are equipped to cope with this sort of gut disruption fairly well see below – but it is my contention THAT BUDGIES AREN’T. This sort of disruption merely opens your poor budgies up to more and more other problems over time. It also seriously damages the budgies’ immune systems as well since the gut has a powerful effect on all animals’ immune systems. A well balanced gut ecosystem is essential for a healthy animal. A budgie’s own immune system is the key to better health, not antibiotics and similar medicines. It is the contention here that Budgerigar Health is best maintained with substances that promote balanced, natural gut functions. At this stage, these substances are almost

For many reasons, you could argue that we have gone down the wrong path in trying to treat sick budgies. Maybe even our methods of disease prevention are wide of the mark. It is a simple fact that budgie disease prevention and control is based on human medicine.

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