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The Importance of Canopy Maintenance

As with any structure on your site it is vital that you regularly check for any damage to a canopy or shelter and ensure that appropriate health and safety measures are taken in snowy weather.

When checking your canopy, pay special attention to fixings – particularly for structures that are attached to existing buildings. You should also check for cracking, corrosion and any other signs of wear to the structure including signs that it may have moved at all, this is especially important after a storm or very high winds. If any evidence of any of these problems are found, contact us immediately for advice. If any damage is found, cordon off the canopy area until it has been fixed by us.

If there is a large amount of snow on your canopy, it is important this is removed by someone who is trained in maintenance work, and that all health and safety procedures are followed. For more information about caring for your canopy in extreme weather, please read the additional information in your After Sales Pack. Where there is a possibility of large amounts of accumulated snow and ice falling from the canopy, we advise that people are prevented from standing under it until the snow or ice has been safely removed.

At Able Canopies we offer a Canopy Health Check and Clean Service where we complete a 20 point visual check of your canopy and also complete a thorough clean of the canopy, including the roof. This is particularly popular after winter to remove any dirt which has built up over the harsh winter months and to check for any damage the extreme weather may have caused.

Find out more about this service by calling us on 0800 389 9072 or visit our website:

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