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Outdoor Learning Whatever the Season Autumn/Winter Outdoor Learning

As the weather gets colder and wetter, it is tempting to move all activities indoors. However, the outdoors still offers so many benefits and with a canopy you can enjoy these benefits even when the weather gets bad.

Natural Resources

Collect leaves, twigs & various other fallen objects from around your grounds or have parents or staff bring them in from their own gardens, then have fun making collages with coloured leaves or use the leaves as stamps to create interesting designs.

You can also take photos of the leaves and objects found throughout each season of the year so that children can study the differences in colour and appearance at the end of the year.

Natural Scrapbooks

By collecting nature’s objects, children can not only create collages from these, they can also create scrapbooks and keep adding to them through the seasons. They will notice the colours change as the season changes.

Developing Skills

Playing outdoors in colder weather also offers great opportunities for children to learn about wrapping up warm and helps them develop their fine motor skills when doing up their coats and putting on scarves and gloves etc.

Winter Wildlife Watch

Make sure pupils wrap up warm and turn the canopy into a wildlife shelter to see what wildlife is living in your playground. This could be a great introduction to lessons about hibernation and migration and also the life cycle of trees.

The children can also look under rocks and stones to see what insects they find burrowing underneath.

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