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Outdoor Learning Whatever the Season Throughout the year it is refreshing to get outdoors and hold some lessons whilst keeping in touch

with nature and experiencing the different seasons. You could create outdoor lessons that fit in with the curriculum making learning fun & exciting for your pupils.

Below and overleaf are some ideas to get you started. We have also created some worksheets which feature outdoor activities, these can be found at the back of this guide.

Spring/Summer Outdoor Learning Wildlife Hunting

There are many lessons that can be created by incorporating wildlife throughout the whole year however, the spring is perfect for studying birds and other small animals.

Children could create their own survey of how many birds, bugs & other small animals they see. The RSPB website has a bird identifier section on their website which is great for this. Visit: to try it for yourself.

The children could also collect various leaves from the school field and gather under the canopy to compare the leaves they find and discover what trees they come from. The Woodland Trust is fantastic for this and has many worksheets and educational information. Visit their website: for more ideas & worksheets.

Natural Collages

Natural collages can be created by collecting natural objects such as leaves, fallen petals, fallen bark and acorns and then creating a masterpiece made solely from natural objects (apart from the glue of course).

Stories Outdoors

Story time outside can create a much more magical and peaceful atmosphere and the fresh air will help keep children focussed. If you are reading a story that has reference to the weather or wildlife, reading it outside could also add an impressive effect to your story.

Bark Rubbing

Rubbing crayons over paper whilst holding it against a tree makes an array of different patterns from each different tree. The patterns can then be used later on to incorporate into other projects.

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