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Outdoor Play

Outdoor play can be enjoyed all year round with a little help from your canopy! There are many games & activities that your pupils can take part in whilst keeping sheltered from the elements. Here’s a few ideas to get you started...

Outdoor Play Equipment

If it is safe to do so, you can move your outdoor play equipment under the canopy to allow use of the equipment all year round, even in snow or ice. Make sure you carry out an inspection before letting the children use it in the winter months to ensure it’s not icy.

Water and Sandpits: W

ater and sandpits are great fun for the children during play times, they can also be incorporated into science lessons. Storing your sandpit and water equipment under your canopy will keep it dry and allow the children to use it whatever the weather.

The children can experiment with mixing water with solids and seeing what happens. The solids used can be almost anything, here are a few good ideas to try: sand, salt, flour and coffee. Please see the back of this guide for a worksheet that you could incorporate into your lessons.

Treasure Hunts

You could set up a treasure hunt under the canopy for the pupils. Separate the children into groups and give them a clue to help them find the next clue, once they have found each clue they have to return to the canopy as a group and work out the answer. Once they know the answer, they must go off together and find the next clue until eventually they find the prize. This is great for team building and problem solving.

Play Panels

Play panels can be mounted to the wall under your canopy. They are great for outdoor lessons and really get the children involved. The children can also use them during break times. There are many to choose from in our online shop at Choose from play panels that teach how to tell the time or date, scientific ones that explain how things work and musical play panels that encourages creativity.

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