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How to... Get the Most out of Your Canopy Sheltered Waiting Areas

Your canopy can be used as a sheltered waiting area for pupils and parents. This allows the parents to have a dry, cool place to wait when picking their children up.

Your pupils can also use the canopy as a waiting shelter when they are queuing up for lessons and other activities such as Physical Education.

Benches and picnic tables can be incorporated underneath your canopy to offer parents and children seating whilst waiting.

Outdoor Seating & Alfresco Dining

By adding picnic tables or benches under your canopy you can create a pleasant seating area where people can get a breath of fresh air, or enjoy some alfresco dining even when it’s raining.

Eating lunch outside can be much more pleasant for your pupils as get its get them away from a busy, stuffy dining room to a cool, fresh outside dining area on hot days.

Picnic tables under your canopy, do not only provide a sheltered place to dine, they also create a peaceful area for your pupils to study or socialise at break times.

Outdoor Gym & PE Lesson Warm Up’s

Canopies installed on your playground or sports ground can be used during PE lessons for activities such as warming up & warming down sessions.

They can also be used for those that are unable to take part in PE lessons and provides them with a cool, sheltered area to watch.

Sports equipment such as balls and sports bibs can be stored under the canopy whilst they are not in use during the lesson to protect them from any sudden downpours.

During sporting contests and competitions, teams can wait under the canopy until it is their turn to play, this keeps everyone in a designated area keeping the event organised and safe.

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