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How to... Get the Most out of Your Canopy

Your canopy has many uses – more than you might think. Not only can you use your canopy to shade your staff and children from the sun and to protect them from the rain, you can also use it to provide shelter at outdoor events, store play equipment plus much more.

This guide takes you through how you can get the most out of your canopy. We’ve also included some useful worksheets and lesson ideas which will help you bring another dimension to your learning environment by incorporating the beautiful outdoors into lessons.

Holding Events

If you regularly hold events within your grounds then this is a great way to get some extra use out of your canopy. If the weather is poor or too hot and humid during your event, using your canopy would offer your spectators and visitors a comfortable and sheltered area to enjoy the event.

If you are planning a fireworks display, you could serve soup, hot dogs or hot chocolate under the canopy, or even mulled cider for adults! It can also provide extra space for your Christmas fair or market by allowing you to bring some

stalls outside, such as those that serve food and drink. Your canopy can also create a sheltered performance area or a sheltered viewing area.

Sports Day

If you hold sports day events then using your canopy is a great idea especially if it is near your sports field. Spectators could sit under the canopy or the children that are waiting for their turn could wait underneath to keep them sheltered from the rain or sun, helping to avoid heat stroke.

Storing Equipment

Canopies provide a dry place to store equipment and furniture. They provide shelter from the rain and snow avoiding water damage to your items & can also protect them from UV rays that can fade and discolour equipment.

Adding Secure Roller Shutters to your canopy enables you to store your equipment out of hours and helps protect it from theft and vandalism. The shutters can be kept open in the day allowing you to use your canopy as you normally would and then closed at the end of the day to provide secure storage out of hours.

Canopy Safety Barriers and Side Fills create a safe boundary under your canopy for your pupils to stay within, this reduces the risk of children wandering off. Safety Barriers & Side Fills also provides you with a sheltered area where you can store play equipment out of hours. Please note they do not create a secure lockable area, their main purpose is to create additional protection from the rain and wind and to create a safe, designated play and learning area under your canopy.

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