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Worksheet 3

How to Create a Tornado! Tornados are very dangerous however it can be fun to crate your own mini tornado.

Follow these simple steps and you will amaze yourself at how you can re-inact nature in a jam jar...

You will need:

- A clear plastic jar with a water-tight lid - Tap water - Washing up liquid (be careful not to get it in your) eyes! - Glitter (not essential bu great fun!) - A pencil to note down the results

Process: 1. Fill your jar with water

2. Add two small drops of washing up liquid to the jar

3. Place the lid tightly back onto the jar (an adult may need to help you)

4. Hold the jar upright and shake it anti-clockwise in a circle motion. Shake the jar well and watch your tornado spin round just like a real one!

Optional: To add a magical touch, you can add glitter to the water and watch the glitter go round with the tornado.

The Results

What did you see? Turn the page over to record what you saw and explain how you think it happened.

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