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Worshipful Company of Farriers

Best Shod Horse Award

The Worshipful Company of Farriers Best Shod horse (BSh) Award will be awarded at 36 shows this summer. The Award is made in order to promote the message that good farriery is essential for the welfare and optimum performance of the horse, and also to recognise the farriers who have shod the winning horses. Both the owner and the farrier of the winning horse receive the prestigious BSh brass plaque, and the results are published in the Forge and on their website at the end of the season.

Although the details of the award are published in the relevant Show schedules, it appears that owners do not always know they have entered a class in which the BSh is being judged, and it may be that their farriers can encourage them to be more aware. Farriers who know that clients’ horses are entered in the remaining Shows and Trials at which the BSh is being judged (listed below) may like to encourage their clients to check the schedules so that they can prepare the horses for judging if the award is being judged in their class.

Further information is available from ginny Ifould, the Worshipful Company of Farriers Awards Secretary at 2nd August

essex heavy horse Show

7th – 9th August 27th August 29th August 28th August

30th – 31st August 3rd – 6th September 5th September 6th September 6th September

7th – 9th September

gatcombe Festival of eventing Melplash Show

Wensleydale Show Buckinghamshire Show

edenbridge and oxted Show Burghley horse Trials Moreton Show orsett Show

Alresford Show

British horse Driving Trials, Windsor

17th – 20th September Blenheim palace horse Trials 19th – 20th September royal Berkshire Show 24th September 26th September

Flintham ploughing Show British Driving Society Addington 36 Forge | August 2015

SpArkS FroM The SMIDDy

Sparks from the Smiddy tells the life story of David Wilson – a sixth generation blacksmith and world champion farrier, as told to Andrew Arbuckle

paperback, ISBn 9781910456057, £12.95. published by old pond publishing,

‘i remember the first time i returned from a competition proudly bearing a red winning ticket and my Mum saying, “you were lucky today son.” i replied, “it was skill Mum, not luck!”’

Sparks from the Smiddy includes details of David’s memories of annoying his father as a child by nailing horse shoes to the smiddy floor, his first experience of trying to catch a horse, the hard work he put into learning his trade along with picking up and running the family business. It follows the highs and lows of his earliest competitions through to his ultimate win at the 1985 World Championship in Calgary, Canada and concludes with the tales of the travel opportunities that his work and successes opened up to him including meeting the princess royal in 1995.

Told in a humorous yet modest style and including 60 of David’s photos, Sparks from the Smiddy sheds light on this previously unreported aspect of working and shoeing horses, helping readers understand the skills of a farrier and giving a nostalgic look back over this important part of rural life.

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