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Handmade Shoes UK Ltd Shoeing Competition 2015

A sTRonG TuRnouT FoR HAndMAdE sHoEs’ CoMPETiTion THis yEAR Took oVER THE CARPARk AT PiTsTonE.

Steven Beane, winner of this year’s handmade Shoes Shoeing Competition, is presented with an unfeasibly large voucher by Tammy

lyle. Word has it that Beanie’s on the lookout for some new suspension bits for his van after the trip back up the A1…

Farriers are unique in my opinion. They are highly skilled, motivated, and despite having all different backgrounds they share the same common ground, that is, the wellbeing and welfare of the horse and related animals - even zebras, as one farrier was keen to let me know.

nothing ever stays the same and the world of farriery is no different. Fast change seems to be the norm these days, and from my perspective change is good for all of us. The enthusiasm of the younger generation of farriers, both boys and girls, is amazing. The never-ending thirst for knowledge and skills seen in the vast majority of practitioners is a credit to the profession.

Their confidence and ability at such a young age is to be admired and is a credit not only to the training system, but to the individual employers who took them under their wing and provided them with a skill envied throughout the world.

Product news AlphA grADuATeD hInD Shoe

Marc harold of Total Foot protection has announced the availability of the ‘new Alpha graduated hind Shoe’, which he says, is the latest in the range of advanced shoes for farriers. he says the shoe is the first mild steel drop forged graduated shoe to be made available, giving farriers the ability to shape hot or cold. graduated shoes are useful for cases of spavins, curbs or to correct flat or negative plane p3 problems.

The company says that the graduated hind shoe has many innovative features that make it an essential shoe for these and many other hind limb issues, noting that the broad toe section can easily be drawn, rolled or made to rocker if desired. The heel section features deep fullering which it says will optimise weight distribution and balance. The company adds that the solid heel pillars are centre marked for easy drilling for stud-holes.

‘each shoes has 12 well spaced nail holes allow you the choice of positions for nailing on, along with strong quarter clips that can be drawn further if farriers wish to fit pads.’

The Alpha graduated hind Shoe is available in pairs or in boxes of 10 pairs from a dealer near you or directly from MnC +44 (0)1908 568 878 and TFp +44 (0)1403 791000

30 Forge | August 2015

I would be the first to admit that as a young newly qualified farrier, I would avoid contact with other farriers in my area so as not to flag up my own inexperience and limited knowledge. It was only through meeting and working with Mark, Alan and Anne that my path in my work life changed for the better.

Today is so different in so many ways and with more and more new farriers qualifying each year, I don't see it as an issue of overcrowding, more a chance for the better, more confident and more skilled farriers to stand out from the crowd and prove their worth. With this, farriery will move forward not just at the professional level but at a business level too, where like large veterinary practices, they provide a comprehensive and professional service to the equine community as a whole.

on a lighter note can I thank Tom Bradbury for capturing a loose horse Adam and I were working on last month that decided to make a break for freedom.

For a big guy, the extended trot was world class… and I don't mean the horse.

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