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Bath and West; however, he sent in his report, which confirmed that he found the Association’s accounts to be ‘immaculately kept’.

InSurAnCe upDATe

John howe of eastlake and Beachell reported on insurance issues over the past year, starting with the good news that the year had been ‘trouble free’. Mr howe confirmed that the binding agreement for the scheme with Amlin had been renewed in January, with unaltered terms, and he was hopeful that renewal would be achieved on the same basis at the end of the year.

eastlake & Beachell staff, Catherine Sibley and Marie Beale, continued to visit the colleges to talk about insurance with apprentices and aim to recruit those starting out their careers.

This year, he said, the number of current policies on the scheme was 2154, an increase from last year (2080). Blacksmiths

350, up from 337 Farriers

1638, up from 1578 (BFBA Members 535)

nhCp/podiartrist/Trimmer 38, down from 46 others


equine dental technicians 123, up from 113 Claims

Mr howe said it had been a better year than 2014, which he considered would help to convince Amlin not to make any changes to their rating or terms and conditions. he then ran through what has been paid or remains outstanding.


Six claims, totalling £22,400 (although two were ‘notifications’, so if they develop the figure would increase).

1 goods in transit claim, paid at £1,950 1 public liability claim, with an estimate of £6,450 1 flood claim, with an estimate of £14,000


20 claims, totalling £13,881 2 damage to own property, £1092 11 injury to horses, £9590 1 public liability, £2090

2 theft, £1109 nhCp/podiatrists/trimmers 1 claim for an alleged injury to horse with an estimate of

£1000 equine dental technicians

3 claims, totalling £11,450 1 employers liability claim, with an estimate of £8,500 1 flood claim at £1,950 1 injury to horse claim, with an estimate of £1,000 Van insurance

Mr howe confirmed that eastlake & Beachell does not have a scheme for vans and therefore it places them on the open market at the best terms it can find.

Farrier/blacksmith team at eastlake & Beachell

The team continues to be lead by Catherine Sibley who is assisted kate howe and Michelle Frank. Mr howe said that as Ms howe and Ms Frank had taken on additional duties apart from working on the scheme, the company had recently recruited a new member of staff who was currently in training as she had not previously worked in the insurance industry.

Morrish Solicitors

Daniel kindell explained that Morrish Solicitors had acted for farriers for over 100 years, adding that he was involved in the employment law department. over the past year, Mr kindell had worked with BFBA on its model apprenticeship

agreement – a contract to suit ATF and Apprentice. he reported that the law firm had recently had some disciplinary matters to deal with, and noted that its other departments included dealing with medical negligence, wills, property, debt recovery, etc. he reminded the meeting that BFBA members were entitled to a 30-minute free consultation on any legal issue, and that its will making service offered members a 50 per cent discount.

Mr kindell said that all ATFs should have a contract with their apprentice, adding that traditional apprenticeships were difficult to terminate early and could lead to a claim from an Apprentice (with compensation being payable). The Modern Apprenticeship agreement included the issues of performance standards, capability and information on wanting to end a contract, in line with the law and apprenticeship agreements.


Chris Linssner stood for BFBA president Craig D’Arcy stood for re-election to the executive Committee Kevin Willard stood for election to Vice-president Simon Legge stood for re-election to Members’ Auditor

elections were unanimous, with all candidates voted to their new roles. The next BFBA AGM will be held on May 21, 2016.

The day ended with an open forum that offered the opportunity to clarify areas of confusion with members of the EC who had been involved in them. These included discussion about a number of matters, including the new apprenticeship standard; the Awarding Body for farriery; an independent FRC accreditation panel for the training colleges; the Train the Trainer course and charitable status for BFBA.

Blacksmith News

The villagers of ewhurst green gave loud cheers of appreciation as a World War Two Spitfire flew overhead, performing victory rolls and aerobatics to mark the unveiling of their new village sign, writes liz Moore.

After two years of asking the parish Council to look into replacing a delapidated village sign, residents Wally Close and Marc Stevenson, achieved their goal, and the new sign was unveiled at the beginning of July.

rod Fender at Black Forge Art made the sign - he had interrupted work in Scotland to fly down for the opening.

Marc Stevenson said: ‘At last we have a sign we can be proud of. Many villagers have been involved in the design and instigation, including artist glenys griffiths, who did the original sketch and this has been properly interpreted by craftsman rod Fender. ‘It is marvellous that he has been able to make the sign in time for the Village in Bloom judging on 8 July.’

A Spitfire features on the new sign in recognition of the young pilots who fought to

BIggIn hIll BASeD SpITFIre FroM 1944 MAkeS FlypAST oVer eWhurST green reSIDenTS BeneATh The neW SIgn phoToS By DAVID young

defend our freedom in the Battle of Britain and to mark that pilots continue to use the valley as a training and flying route today. Also featured on the sign is the Church of St James the great with its twisted spire, a yew tree, after which the village is named, as well as the White Dog Inn’s sign, a fleur de lys recognising the scout movement (as Baden powell lived in the village), oast houses, hops, apples and sheep - topped off with the Sussex crest.

Wally Close said: ‘We all heard the Spitfire’s distinctive low rumble on its approach up the rother Valley and then the crowd gave a huge cheer as it flew over the green and church. It was a perfect flypast by the pilot from Biggin hill.

‘The sign’s head was “wetted” with ewhurst Ales White Dove brewed in the village by David Bowles and richard hodgson.’

rod Fender’s Wittersham-based studio crafts bespoke individual signs, and forge and metal work. rod works using traditional forging craft, the same methods that have been handed down since medieval times. his signs are zinc plated and then black-coated with gold-leaf lettering and, he says, are designed to last for generations. Forge | August 2015 27

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