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BFBA exeCuTIVe CoMMITTee 2015/16 - leFT To rIghT huW Dyer, CrAIg D'ArCy, ChrIS lInSSner - preSIDenT, keVIn WIllArD - VICe preSIDenT, ClIFF BArneS - IMMeDIATe pAST preSIDenT

111th British Farriers and Blacksmiths Annual General Meeting

Championship at Myerscough last year. he hoped to build a purple army that could help out at national events as well as local ones.

ClIFF BArneS CongrATulATeS neW BFBA preSIDenT ChrIS lInSSner

BFBA president, Clifford Barnes, opened the meeting with his final president’s address. he said that the Association had had a good year and he was leaving it in an excellent position and in good hands. A major achievement had been the future of the Forge at Stoneleigh park. he reported that a new 10-year lease had been negotiated, with rent/rates of under £6000 per annum. he added that the accounts were healthy and the Association was in a stronger position than it had been in the previous year. Work in progress included the new apprentice standard as part of Trailblazer 4.

Mr Barnes then invited the other members of the executive Committee to describe their roles within the Association over the past year.

Chris linssner said that he was one of two representatives on the european Federation of Farriery Associations (eFFA) along with gary Burton (who also served on eFFA’s board. Mr Burton was unable to attend the meeting, having broken his ankle). Mr linssner said that their role on eFFA was to share and promote the high standard of english farriery in europe. The purple army, he said, was a group of volunteers who were BFBA ‘helpers’; it was an initiative that began with the very successful european


kevin Willard described his role with BFBA as predominantly running the pre-diploma days, which took place twice a year. These practice examinations, he said, had gone from strength to strength. having asked candidates for feedback on how the day could be improved, one of the things requested was that lunch should be provided. Mr Willard confirmed that lunch will now be available on the day and that participants would additionally be given a goody bag. Another new benefit for each apprentice was a booklet given to them at the end of the day, which gave participants an idea of where their strengths and weaknesses lay. The booklet contained the examiners comments and had been developed by Mr Willard along with Stephen newman Certed MSM FWCF. The FWCF course had been difficult to get going because of difficulties over dates. he confirmed that BFBA planned to run an FWCF ‘taster’ day in 2016.

Craig D’Arcy’s main job had been organising the Farrier Focus events, although 2014 had been an exceptional year because of the european Championships. This year, he said, the Farrier Focus would be aimed at all farriers and held alongside the International Team Championship competition at the end of September.

huw Dyer explained that he had served as a member FrC Council on its Finance Committee and Investigation Committee and that he also organised the edward Martin Cultural exchange. Mr Dyer said that he had attended the American Farriers Association (AFA) meeting at the beginning of the year on behalf of the president where he met a number of uSA farriers on the AFA board. he said that he was working on achieving charitable status for the Association.

It was confirmed that Jim Balfour had taken over as Chairman of BFBA’s Craft Committee. As such, he was involved with organising the national Championship competitions, which were held

Forge | August 2015

BFBA preSIDenT ChrIS lInSSner CongrATulATeS keVIn WIllArD, The neW VICe preSIDenT

at the royal highland Show, edinburgh, in July 2015, and the International Team Championship for which the judges would be Travis koons and gavin Colby, with ruidharr robb judging the apprentices.

Cliff thanked his colleagues for their support over what had been ‘a great couple of years’.

FInAnCe reporT

BFBA’s accountant, Mr peter Mason said it had been a good year, ending with a surplus of £30,000. This, he said, was due to increased income, with less costs and increased events income.

Although it was a relief that the lease on the building and other issues have been confirmed for the next few years, he suggested that it would be worthwhile discussing what would happen if BFBA were to leave the site. he finished saying that provided the Association could maintain its management costs similar to those of 2014 along with a healthy income, he would expect to see another surplus at the end of this year. Mr Mason confirmed that the Association ran ‘a very tight ship’.

MeMBerS’ AuDITor

Simon legge, the members’ auditor, was unable to attend as he was competing at the royal

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