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BFBA National Championship

six brand new anvils greeted the competitors to this year’s farrier classes at the royal Highland show at ingliston, edinburgh, which was held between June 18 and 21.

Apart from hosting the BFBA national Championship competition, record entries to the show’s six classes meant that the anvils started ringing daily at 07.30, and carried on for 12 hours a day during the show.

The long days may have been tough on judges Derek gardner and David Smith too, but they took it in their stride, handling every demand with calm efficiency. In fact, the entire event – organised by Alan Murdoch – went smoothly. organising competitions is an immense job and includes finding sponsorship, coke, steel nails, judges, stewards, refreshments, parking, tool storage, competitors, and more. The farriers too – who often compete weekend after weekend - travelled from far and wide to bid for the top spot over a gruelling few days.

Ben CASSerly IS 2015 BFBA nATIonAl ChAMpIon JuST SeVen yeArS AFTer BeIng ApprenTICe ChAMpIon

BFBA preSIDenT ChrIS lInSSner preSenTS AnDreW TennAnT WITh The 2015 ApprenTICe nATIonAl ChAMpIon ShIelD

ChrIS lInSSner preSenTS AnDreW CASSerly WITh hAMMer For WInner'S STrIker

It was Ben Casserly who won the BFBA national Championship this year. his striker was his father Andrew, who couldn’t have been more proud - and Ben’s first glance on receiving the trophy was to his dad. It is only seven years since Ben was BFBA national Apprentice Champion and no doubt his name will be gracing many more trophies in the future. David Varini won the nAFBAe Moorcroft Trophy for the best shod foot of the competition, the trophy having been won by judge, David Smith, in 2007.

DAVID VArInI WInS The MoorCroFT Trophy For The BeST ShoD FooT In The nATIonAl ChAMpIonShIp


VISITorS FroM CAnADA Iain ritchie, without doubt, travelled the furthest to compete at the show. Born in Scotland, and having trained with Sandy Duff, qualifying in 1993 - Iain went to Canada in 1998, via

Forge | August 2015

California and new zealand - and now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. This year he brought the family for a week’s holiday, giving him the chance to compete – and perhaps get time for a round of golf! At home he shoes dressage horses and showjumpers, and Vancouver’s police horses. Iain told Forge that he loves to compete, especially at the royal highland; adding that the loss of the World Championships at Calgary was, he felt, a ‘devastating loss’ to the industry because ‘local’ farriers would no longer have such a great opportunity to see uk farriers compete. he and fellow Canadian, Adam Degenstein, acquitted themselves well in the heavy horse field, with Iain achieving third place in the Clydesdale shoeing and Adam gaining fifth place in the Clydesdale shoemaking. Sara Vanderpol CJF of Warrior horseshoeing, ontario, is spending three months in the uk on the edward Martin Cultural exchange. She competed at the royal highland and will be in the uk until the end of September, so you may bump into her as she tours the country gaining shoeing and shoemaking experience with some of the uk’s top farriers. her final event in the uk, for this year at least, will be the BFBA International Team Competition at Stoneleigh park from September 25 to 27. Sara trained with Chris gregory at the heartland horseshoeing School in lamar, Missouri and was relishing the opportunity to learn as much as she can while she is here. perhaps she will join many of the previous exchange students who now successfully compete in the uSA and Canada. The farriery events were sponsored by Mitsubish Motors.

JuDgeS DAVID SMITh AnD Derek gArDner Work TogeTher. The FArrIery CoMpeTITIonS DreW QuITe A CroWD, ATTrACTeD By The rIngIng AnVIlS AnD The InForMATIVe CoMMenTAry By AlAn FerrIe FWCF

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