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JAMeS hollIDAy (MyerSCough College) reCeIVeS The prIze For The BeST ForgIng SkIllS

hArry hArrIS reCeIVeS The MIke SeCkIngTon prIze For The BeST prACTICAl exAMInATIon AnD JeSSICA uphIll reCeIVeS The DAVID lleWellyn prIze For The BeST WrITTen pAper

Adam howel (ATF Mr gareth Williams) Alexander robin Jew (ATF Mr Adam Fox) harvey kelvin lymer (ATF Mr kelvin lymer) lewis owen parr (ATF Mr Christopher powell) Andrew peter Tennant (ATF Mr David Varini) Benjamin lee Wishart (ATF Mr peter Ainley) Samuel William Wolfenden (ATF Mr Simon Wolfenden) Christopher luke Dean (ATF Mr roger Dean) Joseph uvedale Sutton Matthews (ATF Mr Christopher linssner) Arron guyton (ATF Mr Alan Wherrett) Craig Sebastian Bailey (ATF Mr Duncan Cooper) liam Michael Barfield (ATF Mr James Sturgess) Ashley James Duncan (ATF Mr Mark Caldwell) James John holliday (ATF Mr glyn Trundle) William Thomas Jakeman (ATF Mr Simon Jakeman)

robert paul lindsey (ATF Mr Jason Brown) Alistair Craig Mclintock (ATF Mr David newall) David Marie Christiane Dirk Josef Werner Melsens (ATF Mr Ben Stern) William robert george nicholls (ATF Mr keith nicholls)

george kenneth porter (ATF Mr Scott Forsyth) Alexander Charles rule (ATF Mr richard Champness) Andrew Jake Sailor (ATF Mr robert newton) Daniel Scullion (ATF Mr Daniel Thomas) ryan Sutton (ATF Mr James Blurton) Mathew Antony Taylor (ATF D g Arnold) Andrew David Forrest Thompson (ATF Mr Arthur Cox-rusbridge)

louis Francis David Townsend (ATF Mr r D gerken) Michael richard Wheeler (ATF Mr robert Atkinson)

DAVID BlAke (WArWICkShIre College) reCeIVeS The BeST porTFolIo AWArD

Tommy David Workman (ATF Mr Marc Jones) paricio Andres Jamie Iain edwards (ATF Mr Christopher pailor) Mark Bruce peel from new South Wales, Australia) Thomas ross Bradbury (ATF Mr neal Bradbury) Joshua James Frost (ATF Mr Adam Davenhill) Sam goodhind (ATF Mr ross Cordery) William heslop (ATF Mr S. heslop) James Anthony March (ATF Miss naomi March) henry Alan phillips (ATF Mr kevin green) kurt Mooney (ATF Mr paul Conroy) Matthew James Tilbury (ATF Mr David Matthews) Dan etheridge a Certified Journeyman Farrier from pennsylvania uSA Jason hyatt a Certified Journeyman Farrier from Alabama uSA

The neW FArrIerS MAke TheIr DeClArATIon To upholD proFeSSIonAl STAnDArDS AnD ConSIDer The WelFAre oF The horSe Forge | August 2015 13

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