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Kent Nielson, along with Mike Jones, and Ryan Sandell had been in the mortgage industry for over a decade when they decided they wanted to be the captains of their own ship. They got a team of 12 together and started their own branch of Primary Residential

Mortgage Inc. Their knowledge, experience, customer service, and integrity have brought them great success. Over the last 3 years they have grown from one branch to three and are now generating loans out of 3 offices and have over 150 employees. Out of over 300 PRMI branches nationwide, Kent’s Tempe branch ranks #1. What is unique about PRMI is that all their Processing, Underwriting and Docs are handled “in-house” at their brand new Tempe office. Unlike many mortgage companies that over work their operations team, Kent and his partners had the vision to keep their team at 75% of capacity at all times. This allows them to receive last minute files from their real estate partners in which they can close in as little as 9 days, earning them the nickname “Fast & Furious”. Through their vision they have created a work environment that has instilled a loyalty from their customers as well as their employees and that has brought them much success professionally and personally. With all of their success they have made it their mission to give back to the communities that they serve.

This last year they have been able to host multiple charity events. One of which was hosting a poker night event for the real estate community where at the end of the night they raised over $20,000 that was donated to a charity benefiting children diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. This contribution allowed many children suffering from this disease to attend summer camp. At this camp the children were able to bond with each other and learn coping skills that they will need to live a more normal life while conquering the challenges that come with having juvenile diabetes.

Top Producing Originating Branch Manager and Philanthropist KENT NIELSON An Interview with

They were also able to join forces with Umom to help provide underprivileged children in our state with meals outside of the meal assistance programs at their schools. Some of these children eligible for the school breakfast and lunch program only get that, breakfast and lunch when school is in session. Some of these children do not get dinner and the days and weeks when they are not in school they may not get much to eat at all. This charity steps in to help bridge that gap for these children and help provide meals when they are not in school. Each year Kent and his team have committed to make it their mission to find one charity in their community to which they make a significant contribution but are always looking for many ways, big and small, to give back. As we all experience success in our lives or if we are still striving for something we haven’t reached yet it

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