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Antonio Guerrero RE/MAX Fine Properties

My biggest business lesson: Having

each and every single

one of my substantial escrows fall through at the end of 2007. I was evolving into a “fat cat,” and it took a complete reset and hardships to really evolve me into a more mature and conditioned business

person with a lifestyle that is sustainable for this industry. Keeping Real Estate FUN!

Tiffany Griffin Green Street Real Estate

Favorite quote: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

On goal setting: Make small achievable goals. Stay focused on

the now and the future will come. Biggest business lesson: Delegate.

If I knew what I know now: I wouldn’t change a thing.

Right now, I’m investing in: Facebook Stock. Branding tip: Be yourself.

Go to Lender {name of LO and company}: Kent Nielson Primary Residential Mortgage.

Preferred Title company {name’s}: Grand Canyon Title Agency – Camelback Location.

Home Warranty you can trust: One Guard Home Warranty.

Bonnie Love Baker Green Street Real Estate

Favorite quote: ” Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” I also love “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

On goal setting: You can set goals all day long. It’s how you plan to implement and chip at those goals every day that matters.

Biggest business lesson: Learn to know and trust your intuition and always always have hard conversations before they become harder.

Best pitching tip: Shut up and listen. We all have the tendency to get in our own way sometimes. It’s not about me, it’s about my clients.

If I knew then what I know now: I would have saved every last dime that I made since I worked summer landscaping jobs at the age of 12 and bought up everything I could afford in 2009!!! I still tell myself that now moving forward, but I believe in living a lifestyle that is both financially conservative and rewarding.

This business can be an absolute grind that saps every last bit of energy and patience from you. You have to be very versatile and dynamic in order to make it in the long run in this industry. A home is the most substantial personal investment anyone could ever purchase which can bring out both the best and worst out of people. This business is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for those who get into it thinking it will be about easy work and cashing checks.

Emily Helm HomeSmart

On goal setting: The easiest part and hardest part are the same – coming up with the goal. Think about a realistic goal, write it down and then start telling people what it is. That will keep you accountable.

If I knew what I know now: I would have bought all of Arizona in 2003 and sold it all in 2005.

Don’t believe the hype: Real Estate is not all the glitz and glamour some people envision. I kill scorpions, clean up bugs, pick up dirty underwear and on occasion walk in on naked people. The stories I can tell!

What I look for in working with other service providers: Reliability, Accountability and Creativity.

Daniel LeClaire Green Street Real Estate

Pre-lisitng appt music: 50 cent “you not like me.”

Before approaching investors ask yourself: “Would I put my own money into this?”

On goal setting: Set impossible goals and try to achieve the

impossible life changing book: Every book I’ve read has changed my life in some way.

Favorite quote: “If you’ve never failed; you’ve never lived.”

Dustin DeFrates Sterling Fine Properties

Biggest business lesson: In Phoenix Metro, we work under ever-changing market conditions and I have found constant adjustments in our business and marketing strategies are imperative to accommodate our clients and investor’s needs. When a strategy is working well, it

is important to give it your 110%, but we recognize that what works today can be improved upon tomorrow!

Right now, I’m investing in: Sterling Fine Properties works with many investors and retail clients alike. Like any good advisor, we are invested in the same markets we are working with our clients. We hold over 55 single family homes in our personal rental portfolio and we actively buy, renovate/build, and sell residential properties. At this point in the market, we tend to favor the Central Phoenix Area, but like any good investment strategy we’re consistently analyzing the market and adjusting to where our research shows the trends are heading.

Why list with you? Articulate your unique selling proposition: The business of listing a house is equally an endeavor in marketing and customer service. Marketing is a synonymous with exposure, which is paramount to maximizing the ratio between sales price and time on market. We have built effective systems & processes to assure each client and listing is properly serviced through dependable communication and industry leading electronic & print marketing services.

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