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Kevin Owens Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Breakthrough Moment: My first luxury listing was definitely a breakthrough moment for me as I had always wanted to work in the luxury market. Once I started working in the luxury market, I was hooked!

Favorite quote: “Finding opportunity is a matter of believing it’s there.” -Barbara Corcoran

On goal setting: I always set two sets of goals- one an impossible “big sexy” goal and one a more realistic stretch goal. Then, when I reach my realistic stretch goal, I still have another goal to work towards.

Right now, I’m investing in: I am currently investing in expanding my internet marketing including Facebook ads and targeted geographic internet marketing.

What I look for in working with other service providers: I always seek service providers who provide the same level of service that I provide to my clients.

Branding tip: One of the things I am most protective of is my branding identity. Some agents delegate marketing to an assistant or have their marketing company manage it for them. I personally review every single piece of marketing that goes out with my name on it. My brand and listings must be represented in a consistent manner and that isn’t something that I am willing to trust to someone else.

Why list with you? Articulate your unique selling proposition: I truly believe that the international marketing that Coldwell Banker provides, combined with my custom marketing programs, is the best that a seller can get in today’s market. We have always been known as an innovative forward-thinking company and are the most established real estate brand in North America. Our global marketing, historical heritage, and international networking give our sellers the competitive edge in today’s market.

Robert Adler Arizona Best Real Estate

Breakthrough Moment: Realizing that you get out of this business what you put into it, and there is no substitute for showing up. The more you show up, the more knowledgeable you become, the more reliable, referable, accessible and dependable. It all starts with showing up.

Favorite quote: “Good work is never done in cold blood; heat is needed to forge everything. Every great achievement is the story of a flaming heart.” - Harry S. Truman

I also like, “Life is grand, love is real and beauty is everywhere.” -Roger Clyne`

Don’t believe the hype: SEO. I’m pretty sure it stands for “Scam Everyone.” If I had back all the money I burned on SEOs, it’s easy to rationalize a marketing expense by saying, “if I get just one deal out of it, it pays for itself.” But make sure it’s a proven method first. Ask for references. Do your research. Trust your gut.

What does a good lender/REALTOR® relationship look like for your clients: Communication is key in any of my working relationships.

Every person I

introduce to my clients is someone I have great communication with. If they don’t answer the phone on a regular basis, what will happen if a crisis hits?

D. Patrick Lewis Better Homes & Gardens Sonoran Desert Lifestyles

My unique selling proposition: Anyone can find a home on the internet but I bring 14 years of transactional experience, in depth knowledge of the contract, a fiduciary duty to my clients and extensive marketing knowledge to the table. I am also the son of an architect and grew up on construction sites and have a lifetime of knowledge of design and construction quality.

On goal setting: Don’t go easy on yourself. Challenge yourself with the goals you set for yourself. Set the bar high and use things like a vision board or find an accountability partner to help keep you on track.

Scott Grigg Realty Executives The Grigg’s Group

On Goal Setting: Goals are important to set. Every year I evaluate my business and come up with ways to challenge myself. This year I would like to sell out half of our new luxury project Mountain Shadows located in Paradise Valley (which we have

almost done in just the first 6 months of sales), and my other goal was to close 75 million in 2015.

Biggest Business Lesson: Don’t ever forget where you came from and who was instrumental in helping you get to where you are at. I always work on strengthening my relationships. I write 5 hand written Thank You cards every morning before I start my meetings. I’ve done that since I got into the business.

Right now, I’m investing in: I’ve purchase 3 investment homes in the last couple of years that I have turned into vacation rentals. They are fully furnished and set up like hotels. They are great income producing investments. Vacant land in Paradise Valley is also a hot investment right now.

Why list with you? Articulate your unique selling proposition: Our customers become clients for life. We have a 90% referral business. The reason is we treat our clients’ sales as if they were our own. We consistently rank as one of the top luxury listing agents in the Valley year after year. We are available 24/7.

Other info: I graduated from Arizona State University with a Business Degree. I am a native Phoenician and grew up in Scottsdale. I currently call Paradise Valley home. Found a niche in builder representation of communities for new construction.

Taking your Real Estate Experience to the next level

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